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Friday, April 19
The Indiana Daily Student

Not enough 'of That'

plants and animals

In comparison to previous albums, “The End of That” by Montreal band Plants and Animals is a bit dismal.

Musically, the band sounds up to par, but lyrically, the album is unimpressive and a bit depressing. For example, the song “HC” only has three lines of lyrics: “Lonely, lonely, lonely days, bring me someone I can relate, only, only, only that way.”

“Song for Love” and “Lightshow” are two of the most well-put-together tracks of the release, while “Crisis!” is one of the worst due to its unnecessary length of more than six minutes.

“The End of That” is not a bad listen, but in terms of progression, third albums are typically more innovative and show how the band has grown. This release does not do Plants and Animals justice.

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