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Is her body too boobylicious for her babe?

we say let Queen B nurse her Ivy Blue without being stigmatized.
we say let Queen B nurse her Ivy Blue without being stigmatized.

Breasts. Some people do a lot of things with them. They squeeze them into bathing suits, display them beneath plunging necklines, stuff them full of silicone and invent rigging mechanisms to make them appear as desirable as possible.

In fact, one of their only uses that seems unanimously unacceptable in public is to feed an infant.

As if that is what they were intended for. Cheeky people.

Beyoncé has breasts, in case you had not noticed. Apparently, she likes to use them to feed her new baby in public.

Why do we care? She’s not even a single lady. Does she want to run the world? No, and we don’t see anything wrong with taking care of your child.

Yet some news sites originally ran headlines about how Beyoncé was “caught” in public using her breasts to feed her infant.

Thankfully she doesn’t have a thing for shaking them onstage in skimpy costumes. That would be too much. Oh wait.

Breastfeeding is not a criminal, unnatural or immoral use of breasts. If anything, it is the one truly natural, beautiful use they have. Beyoncé’s current use of her breasts is, arguably, the noblest work they have done to date.

Sex is a heavily regulated construct in this country, which seems silly when you realize it’s something most people have in common.

The state regulates what constitutes it, where and how you can have it and who you can have it with.

One of the most human aspects of our existence comes with the most shame, policing and revulsion.

Based on the typical public reaction to breastfeeding, one would think it was an illicit sexual act. Yet the phrase “look at those jugs” is never used to refer to their particular gift for providing nutrition.

It’s a little bewildering that Beyoncé has been stigmatized for providing care for her child in public. Usually our maternal-minded media adores celebrity moms.

In this case, we think Beyoncé deserves praise. She’s rightly receiving it from breastfeeding advocates, who champion its healthfulness.

Breast milk is easier to digest than formula and helps the infant fight disease.

Breastfeeding is also linked to lower instances of Type 2 diabetes, multiple types of cancer and postpartum depression in the mother. The Department of Health and Human Services literally calls breast milk “liquid gold.”

Beyoncé has always been representative of strong, confident and nurturing women, so her preference for a natural feeding experience for her child should really come as no surprise.

Nor should her willingness to do it in front of cameras and other people.

Is she the next poster child for politically active breastfeeding mothers? Maybe not, but we can see her halo if she does.

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