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Sunday, April 21
The Indiana Daily Student

Baby-making Weeknd

Combining sexualized lyrics with a smooth voice and relaxing beats, “Echoes of Silence” by The Weeknd is straight-up baby-making music. Abel Tesfaye makes great use of synth and syncopated rhythms to develop his original sound, and the tracks flow one into another with ease, making it ideal to listen to the album straight through.

The album opens with a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana”, which Tesfaye calls “D.D.,” that does not disappoint.

Tesfaye’s wide vocal range is powerful and impressive, very much reminiscent of Jackson.
“XO/The Host” and “The Fall” are the two most innovative tracks on the release in
terms of lyrics and musical styling.

However, “The Echoes of Silence,” the album’s title track and closer, is a letdown compared to the rest.

“Echoes” ends on a whiny note, leaving the listener wanting more when there’s nothing left.

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