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Saturday, June 15
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Women's soccer to finish non-conference play

Women's Soccer

IU coach Mick Lyon wanted the Hoosiers to use their creativity to move the ball more wisely in the offense. To achieve that purpose, he made a 20-minute practice scrimmage on a smaller-scale field.

“I want you to use the width to create the space,” Lyon told the players before a team scrimmage Thursday morning, “Be creative on that.”

Lyon said making the field smaller in practice would accomplish multiple purposes.
“It makes the space tighter, and the forwards will stay wide in the game, which creates space in the middle,” Lyon said, “It also makes us not run that much before the game day.”

IU will play Kent State and Central Michigan this weekend — the team’s last two visitors before Big Ten season begins.

Last week, IU lost to Texas A&M 5-2 and Hofstra 3-1. The Hoosiers struggled offensively and did not make any successful comeback in filling the early gaps.

During the practice, Lyon told the Hoosiers to play strategic defenses both individually and as a team.

“I think when the other team is in the shooting position, you have to act quickly to recognize that and get in between the ball and our goal,” Lyon said.

Senior midfielder Chloe McKay said Lyon’s emphasis was something the team had been working on this week.

“What we are focusing now is organizing our team in and off and having a better communication on the field,” McKay said, “We are working on our defense a lot. Coach wants us to make quicker decisions on the ball and play faster. Everyone has to think and anticipate faster.”

The Hoosiers will play Kent State at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Central Michigan at 1 p.m. Sunday.

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