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Saturday, June 22
The Indiana Daily Student


Englishman breaks world record for wearing most underpants

A simple YouTube search yields several videos for Matt McAllister’s moment of glory in history — he holds the Guinness world record for most T-shirts worn at once. The top video of McAllister clad in 155 tops has more than 12 million hits and spurred one of those viewers to go on to set a world record of his own.

Inspired by McAllister’s feat, a British man from Whitburn decided to make his own mark in world-record history, setting out to break the world record for most pairs of underpants worn at the same time. The previous record of 200 pairs of underpants was held by an Australian television presenter.

On April 1, Gary Craig, who has given himself a new name to match his feat, Geordie Pantsman, set out to break the record in a nightclub in South Shields, simultaneously raising money for the St. Simon’s Community Project and the Cancer Connections charities by gathering sponsorships and donations both on that night and in the weeks leading up to the event.

As more than a hundred people gathered in the club to show their support for Pantsman and witness the event, he began by putting on a pair of size large underpants and finished with a pair of size 4XL underpants, the 211th pair. The whole demonstration took 25 minutes. Afterward Pantsman spoke with excitement about his accomplishment.
“It feels pretty sore at the minute,” he said, “but I’m absolutely delighted.”

In four to six weeks, his attempt should be verified by the Guinness World Records group, putting him in the history books as the man who has worn the most pairs of underpants at the same time.

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