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Tuesday, April 23
The Indiana Daily Student

CMCL class organizes to encourage safer, more enjoyable sex

The Department of Communication and Culture class C223: Business and Professional Communication has created a new student organization, Students Against Sexual Silence, a group that seeks to encourage safer sex and healthier sexual expression between partners.

The group was created in part to address the partying and drinking that seems to fill the campus during Little 500 weekend every year.

Senior Chris Werner, a member of the class and organization advocate, said it is important for students to be safe around this time.

“We’ve noticed a sharp increase in sales of Plan B contraceptives near this time of year,” Werner said. “We promote plan A – condom use – for mutually satisfying sex with no unwanted surprises.”

From 12:30 to 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, the organization will be holding an event called “Let’s Talk About Sex” at two locations – one in the Arboretum and the other by the clock behind Woodburn Hall. Students can play games such as cornhole, three-legged races, Gatorade pong and a condom relay similar to “Flippy Cup.”

“Each game will be modified to teach participants about healthy sexual behavior and sexual communication,” Werner said. “And there’ll be free condoms.”

Freshman Jenna Graham said she noticed an underlying tradition of binge drinking within the campus during the days surrounding Little 500. For her, the unofficial tradition has become such common knowledge that it is hard to escape talk of drinking and partying on campus.

“I definitely think that people might forget to be safe, with so much alcohol around,” Graham said.

Werner said the group aims to distribute condoms and information in bars and post flyers throughout campus to try and get the organization’s message out, especially around Little 500 weekend.

“We’re about safe sex, but also definitely about expression in terms of communication between partners,” Werner said.

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