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'Toilet' Boll strikes again

In the Name of the King
In the Name of the King

In case you didn’t know, Uwe Boll is quite possibly the worst director to exist since, well, the creation of Hollywood. He is hated so much that there is now a petition online to get him to stop making movies.

“In the Name of the King” is a coming-of-age story about a farmer, coincidentally named “Farmer,” who must rally to battle in order to discover who he is and save his wife from an evil sorcerer bent on dominating the Kingdom. I’d say more, but it wouldn’t help.

This movie is a.) a poor excuse for a movie, and b.) is nothing more than a poor man’s “Lord of the Rings.” According to a post on, it’s a “Lord of the Rings” for Nickelback fans, which couldn’t be a more accurate description.

With a mix of talented and useless actors it’s no surprise this movie fails epically. John Rhys-Davies is gold in everything he touches, usually, but he can barely create a character more inspiring than Matthew Lillard’s waste of an existence as the nephew of the King. (How does Lillard still get work?)

On top of that, Boll can’t decide if he wants to force everyone to use a British accent or not. Random lesser characters speak in one, while the king sounds like every other character Burt Reynolds has played. This movie should never have seen theaters and isn’t even worthy of a TV special on SciFi.

The extras are as devoid of character as the story was. A behind-the-scenes featurette that doesn’t even have the great Uwe Boll talking about his craft is nothing more than a lame home video shot from the corners of the scenes and sets, and deleted/extended scenes are all you get.

Save yourself some money, and buy four DVDs from the $5 bin. It’ll be a more worthy investment than this piece of crap.

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