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Monday, June 24
The Indiana Daily Student


Club to host King of the Court Tourney

3-on-3 games to be played on HPER courts

On April 19, the Business Careers in Entertainment Club will be hosting its fourth annual King of the Court Contest. \nThe three-on-three basketball tournament has grown over the past few years and hopes to have as many as 64 teams this year, similar to the NCAA Tournament that just concluded. About 45 teams participated last year.\nStudents can register for this event at The tournament will be held at the Health, Physical Education, and Recreational gym and drinks and food will be provided free of charge. All students are encouraged to participate. The team entry fee \nis $20.\nThe tournament is single elimination, and in addition to the actual event, the tournament will hold a 3-point and half-court shooting competition. The tournament is set up similar to street ball rules, with the points being tallied by ones and twos (two points for a 3-point shot). Games are played to 20 points with a 30-minute time limit. \nFree throws will determine a tie after the 30 minutes of regulation. A running clock will be implemented, much like intramural games, with time only being stopped for an injury.\nRegistration ends April 14, and students are encouraged to enter the competition as soon as possible.

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