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Friday, Feb. 23
The Indiana Daily Student

Quick Hits

Most rockin' moments of "Sesame Street"

Stevie Wonder -- "Superstition"
YouTube Search: Superstition Sesame
This performance is almost surreal. In a world of ever-decreasing attention spans, it's great to see a fairly lengthy performance like this on a classic children's show. Bonus points go to this clip for the kid in the background freaking out on the balcony. I would have been, too, if I were that kid ... The Pointer Sisters -- "Pinball Number Count"
YouTube Search: Pinball Sesame
Not only does the clip contain one of the catchiest tunes to ever grace "Sesame Street," you also get to see some highly entertaining animation to accompany this gem that helped countless kids count to 12. R.E.M. -- "Furry Happy Monsters"
YouTube Search -- R.E.M. monsters
R.E.M. performs a tune about monsters to the tune of "Shiny Happy People." I don't know whether it does a better job of teaching children about feelings or showing that R.E.M. can still look reasonably cool even when surrounded by fuzzy multi-colored puppets. Either way, it's a lot of fun. Wynton Marsalis and Hoots the Owl
YouTube Search: Marsalis Hoots
An owl that plays jazz tries to outdo the "newcomer" Wynton Marsalis. It almost sounds like a sitcom idea the WB network might have been all over back in the day, but it's just another classic "Sesame Street" moment. They don't teach you that in music school.

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