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Tuesday, Feb. 27
The Indiana Daily Student

Worst Action Stars Ever

You can't spell Vin Diesel without "vile sin"

Vin Diesel

For a man whose career high point thus far is playing meatheaded sniper fodder in "Saving Private Ryan," Vin Diesel (born Mark Vincent) has made a modest living out of being the blandest action star people still pay to see in action. -- JB

Orlando Bloom

Credit should go to all the others who make his jaw dropping films possible, not the good-looking elf. It's the concepts and special effects that made his films huge, not him. Soon he'll head to London to attempt to gain some theater cred. -MM

Steven Seagal

I'm not sure if Will Sasso's imitations of Seagal on "Mad TV" were to blame, but he was quickly discovered to be nothing more than a joke of a hero and was relegated to putting out direct-to-video titles with the likes of DMX. --CW

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