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Tuesday, April 23
The Indiana Daily Student

Culture Shock '07

WEEKEND's Zack Teibloom offers you a complete guilde to Culture Shock.

Seniors Zach Pollakoff and Brian Kerr remember a scarcely attended Culture Shock from two years ago. Only six or seven dedicated concertgoers made it to the headlining band playing behind the radio station. Pollakoff says Culture Shock wasn't nearly as good in the past because it was full of bands he didn't want to see, but both he and Kerr said they are excited to see every band on the lineup this year.\nMajor improvements last year saw a big increase as an estimated 1,000 fans filled Dunn Meadow and this year looks to expand even more as Culture Shock expands into a new venue filled with national acts, adds an indoor after party and delivers a day filled with music for free. \nWith big-name national headlining acts and tent-covered stages, Culture Shock's organizers say they are getting "more excited and less nervous" as each day passes. Their event of the year takes over IU DeVault Alumni Center Field behind Alumni Hall for a full day and night of free concerts.\nMusic Director Craig Shank got on stage to introduce and welcome guests to last year's festival and hopes to see the acts, if he can make it out of his other responsibilities. Shank plans to spend this year's Culture Shock the way he spent last year's festival. A "utility man" -- hauling equipment for bands and being a runner to make sure everyone enjoys the show and it runs more smoothly. \n"We've been doing this every year since 1991 and it's kind of like a reward to everyone for working so hard," Shank said. "We don't make money from it and don't intend to. It's just a really great way to enjoy live music outside in the fresh air."\nKerr, special events director for WIUX, said the station began planning and advertising earlier than usual. The station has developed more "contacts and clout in the small little circle" of indie rock, which has allowed it to put on a festival to draw fans from all over the Midwest. \n"As cliché as it sounds, I hope everyone has a great time," Kerr said. "I feel fortunate to help bring something like this to IU."\nFans are getting excited about the soulful voiced Catfish Haven, a band that has played at the station and one which WIUX Director Zach Pollakoff called the most accessible band at the festival. In addition to their normal lineup, Catfish is adding a keyboardist and extra vocalists just for the show.\n"A lot of frat guys listen to them, but for good reason," he said.\nPollakoff also expressed excitement about a number of bands, from the jazzy styles of Nomo, who performed at Lotus Fest this year, to Sunset Rubdown, a band Pollakoff said is "worth catching for sure." \nAll those involved say this year's Culture Shock will be marked by the addition of After Shock after party. Junior Jon Coombs, who helped plan the event, said it will be a perfect extension of the eclectic group of artists at the festival and a way to see great local DJ's in addition to The Mudkids' DJ Rusty. He said he is especially excited about Totally Michael.\n"Totally Michael is a blast," Coombs said. "He's skinny as hell, 6 feet tall and wears booty shorts. He's a lot of fun."\nWhile some of the acts are local, those involved behind the concert said they expect the natural foot traffic from Briscoe and McNutt to be supplemented by fans across the Midwest. Shank said he knows of people coming in from Chicago, Michigan, Cincinnati. Senior Hannah Fidell even said her mom is coming in from New York. \nFidell said she had a great time at last year's Shock. She brought a few blankets and sat around with friends enjoying the music and getting up to dance for higher energy performers. The acts that caught her attention this year are David Vandervelde and Catfish Haven, two bands she said she enjoyed over spring break at the South by Southwest music festival.\nHer mom is coming in, as Fidell says, "to see what the hip kids are listening to these days." She plans on spending the day with her mom and her aunt and uncle going to After Shock that night, but thinks she'll be the only Fidell there.\n "I'm sure she'll be in bed by then," she said.

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