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Sunday, May 19
The Indiana Daily Student


Civic Theater presents 100th performance

The presentation of the Monroe County Civic Theater’s 100th performance, “Directors’ Symposium XII” premiered Friday evening, featuring performances by 21 IU students, faculty and community members.\nThe “Directors’ Symposium XII” is a showcase comprised of four short plays written by local playwrights plus a Japanese play written by an unknown playwright, lead by five directors and performed by Bloomington’s finest actors. \nOver the past 21 years the MCCT has offered a plethora of community theater ranging from Greek drama to modern day theater, according to a press release.\nWith 99 previous plays performed at various venues, this community theater is dedicated to bringing quality plays to Monroe County citizens, according to their Web site. \n“The thing I really like about community theater is that it is comprised of individual artists around the area who come together to offer their talents to the community,” said producer David Nosko. “Unlike some bigger organizations we create and direct all of our own raw material which can still be transformed into something beautiful for everyone to enjoy.”\nThe “Directors’ Symposium XII” includes “Solemn Solitude,” “Love and Hitchcock,” “Freedom Isn’t Free,” “The 100th Show,” and a newly imported play from Japan, “Busu, the Magic Poison.”\n “These plays offer a humorous and emotional rollercoaster ride,” said Lauren Steffen, director of “Freedom Isn’t Free.” “Not only will the audience be entertained, but they will be able to support local playwrights, directors, actors and community theatre.”\nThe 15-minute skit, “Freedom Isn’t Free,” will be acted out in the form of a talk show in which contestants must compete for the chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness according to a press release. “The 100th show,” directed by Caitlin Moroney, is a mock up of “Directors’ Symposium XII” in which actors will take the roles of a community theater board of directors choosing what to do for the 100th production, according to a press release.\n“Solemn Solitude,” written by Russell McGee and directed by Pat Anderson, unites workers stuck in an office elevator.\n“Directing Russell McGee’s play has been a very rewarding experience,” said Anderson in a press release. “The actors have risen to the challenge of discovering what motivates our personal fears, why we lash out at others, and why we forgive one another.”\n“Directors’ Symposium XII” will have two more performances at 8 p.m. April 13 and 14 in the John Waldron Arts Center Rose Firebay Room. Tickets for the showcase are $12 for general admission and $9 for students at the door or online at

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