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Sunday, April 14
The Indiana Daily Student

'Damita Jo' more like 'Damita Ho'

In 1989 she rocked the world with Rhythm Nation 1814. In 1993 she shocked the world with Janet. Eleven years later, she shocked the world with … let's just say it wasn't her album. \nDamita Jo (Damita is Janet's middle name) has all the perfect ingredients for a hit Janet Jackson album: sex, love, sex, dance, sex, the ex and, well, sex.\nThis is, no doubt, Janet's most sexual album. Seems as though her Super Bowl stunt was the perfect promotion for Damita Jo. Songs like "Moist" and "Warmth" have lyrics too scandalous to even mention in this review. Songs on Damita Jo are lusty enough to make Lil' Kim proud, Jessica Simpson blush and Britney Spears' "Toxic" video look like a children's cartoon.\nThe good parts of the album are the songs which boast a more traditional sound. Sure, it's nothing new for Janet, but that's why her fans still love her. Her albums throw in a few new sounds, but stick mainly to her original pop beats with a number of songs which are great to dance to.\n"Strawberry Bounce" will leave listeners doing just that -- bouncing to the hip-hop beat, much like "R&B Junkie" and "I Want You" will.\nJanet has done a few duets, and right now there is no one hotter to do a duet with than Kanye West. The two collaborate on the track "My Baby" -- a sweet love song, which is a complete anomaly to the rest of the album. It's not about sex.\nJanet has grown up. So what? The world knew that when she posed on the cover of Rolling Stone with a man's hands covering her breasts. She has nothing to prove.\nAlthough the songs sound cool, they really push the limit this time. Past albums had the occasional sex song, but this one is far too full of them for a woman who can succeed twice as much with songs about love, pain and even the world's problems.\nOne thing remains the same though; Janet's sweet, soothing, nearly flawless voice sounds the same as it did when she released her first album, Janet Jackson in 1982. \nMaybe Janet just wants to do her own thing, and clearly her thing is sex. As one of the world's greatest pop icons, she has a right to do what she wants. She's just laying it on a little thick this time.

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