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Sunday, June 16
The Indiana Daily Student

Dunkin' Donuts replaced

RPS placing new restaurant in Wright Food Court

After a five year relationship, Residential Programs and Services and Dunkin' Donuts are cutting ties. \nStudents will no longer be able to get the doughnuts, coffee, bagels and Coolatas from the familiar national chain currently housed on campus at both The Wright Place in Wright Quad and Gresham Food Court at Foster.\nBeginning next semester, the restaurant will be replaced by an RPS run eatery called "Cream and Crimson Creations" and will serve much of the same food, plus additional treats.\n"The shop will have sweet rolls, brownies, danishes and fruit smoothies," said Sandra Fowler, director of dining services for RPS. "It is not a franchise, but there will be brand name products."\nFowler said the reason for the change has nothing to do with a poor relationship with Dunkin' Donuts. RPS simply wanted to go in a different direction. \nThe prices will be similar to the current ones at Dunkin' Donuts, Fowler said.\n"After five years, it's time that we tried a different concept," she said. "There will be a new look, still with the favorites that students like."\nFowler's optimistic words do not rely solely on hope. The decision for the transition was discussed with a group of students on a meal plan committee. Still, there are those who are not happy about the change.\n"One word -- yuck," said sophomore Hasani Street. "The name (Dunkin' Donuts) has been around for a while. They could replace it with Krispy Kreme, but this is like a step down."\nStreet particularly enjoys the Coolatas sold at Dunkin' Donuts, and other smoothie drinks are not as good, he said.\n"The new place won't have the reputation of Dunkin' Donuts," said junior Natalie Broadus-Beard. "I can't trust the quality as much."\nFor those who do not have a special connection to the national chain, there are some advantages to the new format. Mike Sassman, a sophomore, routinely gets the same breakfast every morning, but because the doughnuts are brought in from an outside source, sometimes he cannot get what he wants.\n"It will be nice," he said, "as they will be made in house. It will be more reliable now, when the weather is bad, deliveries are late. I can't get my routine doughnuts on time, making me late for class."\nThe change was not due to a poor relationship between Dunkin Donuts and RPS, Fowler said. \n"I think it's exciting to do a new concept," Fowler said. "It was time to make a change"

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