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Saturday, March 2
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Around the Arts

Eminem's former home up for auction\nSTERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. -- Will a serious bidder for Eminem's former home please stand up? \nThe 5,000-square-foot colonial with a swimming pool and Jacuzzi went on the Internet auction site eBay last month and drew an initial bid of $600,000. \nSomeone bid $99.9 million but backed out of the deal, and the next-highest bidder probably will pull out, too, The Detroit News reported Tuesday. \nThe first suitor told current owner Darren Martens that the bidding got out of hand. \n"He said he talked to his bank and they wouldn't let him borrow that much," Martens said. \nEminem lived in the house from 1998-2000, but sold it for $475,000 when kids started stealing his mailbox and leaving M&M candy wrappers on his lawn. \nMartens said he never took the $99.9 million bid seriously. He said he's also writing off the next-highest bid of $20 million. \n"We think we have some real bona fide offers at $2 million," Martens said. \nMartens said he put the house up for auction "more or less for a joke" after he heard about another Eminem home in Warren that went up for bid on eBay. That house has drawn bids as high as $11 million.\nLacroix to design Air France uniforms\nPARIS -- Air France is headed for a haute couture makeover. \nDesigner Christian Lacroix was chosen to create the airline's new uniform, which will be both "emblematic of French elegance and a desire to embrace other cultures," Air France said in a statement Tuesday. \nLacroix follows in the footsteps of Christian Dior and Nina Ricci, who are among the top designers to have created past Air France uniforms, a spokeswoman for the airline said. \nThe new uniform will be navy blue -- as Air France uniforms have been for the past 70 years -- and will be worn by all Air France staff who have direct dealings with customers, roughly 35,000 employees. \n"As a powerful badge of identity, the uniform is the perfect vehicle for projecting Air France's image," the statement said. "The project presented by Christian Lacroix meets Air France's needs perfectly." \nLacroix's collection, which makes its debut in Spring 2005, will include a variety of interchangeable garments for male and female staff. \n"By taking up this challenge, my desire is to invent a new universe -- a cross between two worlds which are strongly associated with dreams, the world of flight and the world of fashion," Lacroix said in the Air France statement.\nOasis members held after bar fight\nMUNICH, Germany -- Singer Liam Gallagher and several other members of the British rock band Oasis and its entourage were held for questioning after a fight that left Gallagher with several broken teeth. \nGallagher's injuries over the weekend forced the band to cancel concerts in Munich on Sunday and Hamburg on Monday. \nMunich police said they'd detained three members of the group, including Gallagher and drummer Alan White, and two of their bodyguards on suspicion of assault, resisting arrest and damage to property. \nAll were released Sunday afternoon after posting bail. Munich prosecutor Anton Winkler said his office would decide before the end of the year whether to press charges. \nWitnesses told police the clash began early Sunday in the disco of the Muenchner Hof hotel, where the band was staying, when the band members were drunk and started pushing each other. \nOne of them fell against a table where five Italians were seated, police said witnesses told them. When the Italians tried to remove the musician, the rest of the band reportedly pounced on them. \nHotel security separated the two sides and asked them to leave, then called police when the fight resumed outside. \nPolice spokesman Christoph Reichenbach said Gallagher kicked an officer who was kneeling down "in the chest with full force," and the officer was slightly injured. \nA statement on the band's Web site Monday said "several members of Oasis and their entourage were the victims of an unprovoked attack by a group of youths in a Munich club"

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