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Sunday, May 19
The Indiana Daily Student


Old rivalry, new trophy

'Titan Series' adds to IU-Purdue battles

It's doubtful the IU-Purdue rivalry needs any more steam. \nThe schools already battle annually for the Old Oaken Bucket in football, the Monon Spike in volleyball and bragging rights in all 18 sports in which they meet.\nOfficials from IU and Purdue have tossed more gas on the fire by adding the Titan Series to the list of Hoosier-Boilermaker battles. \nThe Titan Series will include 18 sports (nine men's and nine women's) and begins this fall. The series acts as an all-sports trophy exclusive to IU and Purdue. \n"We're absolutely 100 percent confident it will heighten the rivalry," said Brent Hutton of IU Sports Communications, which worked with Leerfield Communications to develop the Titan Series. \nEach time IU and Purdue meet head-to-head, one point will be awarded to the winner. In the event of a tie, the point will be split. If IU and Purdue do not play during the regular season in a particular sport, the point will be given to the school that finishes higher in the Big Ten Tournament. \nFor sports like baseball and softball that play series, the winner of the series will earn the point. In sports like track and field, where there is an indoor and outdoor season, points will be awarded in both seasons. \nEach spring, the points will be compiled, and the school with the most points will be awarded with the Titan Series trophy, a vase with the state of Indiana engraved on it; half of the state will be red and half gold. The trophy will travel between the two schools.\nHutton said he'd like to award the trophy at halftime of the Old Oaken Bucket game each year. Had the series been going on last year, IU would have edged the Boilermakers by "a point or two," Hutton said.\nPreparation for the series began in March with contact between former IU Athletics Director Clarence Doninger and Purdue Athletics Director Morgan Burke. The first Titan Series event will be Oct. 20 when IU and Purdue meet in volleyball.\nAs of Wednesday, the series hadn't garnered much attention. Many athletes and coaches weren't aware of the new competition and were being told of the series this week, IU Media Relations Director Jeff Fanter said.\n"People are finding out today," Fanter said. "They think it's a good idea, but they don't know if it will heighten the rivalry between IU and Purdue since it's already so big."\nJay Cooperider, director of communications for athletics at Purdue, echoed Fanter's statements, saying the series "is set, but is in a somewhat formative stage."\nHutton said football and basketball programs and radio broadcasts will consistently update fans on the progress of the series and which school has captured which points. \nSenior Associate Athletic Director Harold Marou said he was "vaguely" aware of the competition, but said he thought it might boost an already-spirited rivalry. \n"Maybe we can start this with another school (too)," Marou said, suggesting Ball State and Notre Dame. "I just hope it doesn't diminish the value of the other trophies"

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