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Thursday, June 13
The Indiana Daily Student


Hoosiers have flawless weekend

Having just completed a road trip, the women's tennis team wanted to make a statement at the IU Tennis Center Saturday. \nMission accomplished.\nThe Hoosiers (10-6, 1-2 Big Ten) ripped through two opponents, defeating Illinois-Chicago in the morning and Butler in the afternoon, both by a flawless 7-0 score.\n"All in all, I think we did a really good job," coach Lin Loring said. "We concentrated really well. Sometimes you have a tendency to play down to the other teams level, which is how upsets occur, but we did a good job of not doing that."\nIn the opening match against UIC, the Hoosiers jumped out to a quick lead earning the doubles point. \nThe newly formed No. 1 doubles team of senior Kelly Blanch and sophomore Jessica Levin squeaked out a 9-7 win against Nicole Derouin and Ayca Gumuscu. At the No. 2 spot, junior Amanda Field and senior Jennifer Hsia easily handled Alyson Stalzer and Karen Liwanpo 8-1, to secure the doubles point.\nAlthough Blanch has been a mainstay at the No. 1 doubles spot, Loring has been seeking the best possible combination.\n"Doubles is really important," Loring said. "Even though it is only worth one point, it gets things started and gets the players warmed up. I was pleased with how they played today. We'll see what happens with who plays, and settle on something before the Purdue match." \nBlanch said she enjoyed playing with a new partner in Levin.\n"When you change partners a lot it's kind of hard," Blanch said. "But I played with (Levin) a lot in the fall so it works out well."\nThe wins continued to roll throughout the singles competition. IU did not lose a set as it won all six of their singles matches. Blanch only lost 1 game in a 6-0, 6-1 blowout at the No. 1 spot against UIC's Jacki Farr.\nThe Butler match was even more lop-sided. IU swept through the doubles using the same duos as the morning match. Blanch and Levin won more decisively this time, posting a near perfect 8-1 victory. The No. 3 spot was taken by the freshman pair of Martina Grimm and Linda Tran, winning 8-0.\nIU completely dominated the singles, losing six games total from the 6 individual matches. Tran and Jennifer Hsia did not lose a single game, both winning 6-0, 6-0. \nThe Hoosiers said the most difficult thing was staying focused.\n"The matches weren't as tough as the previous five have been, so it was a good opportunity to work on some things," Blanch said. \n Indiana vs. Illinois-Chicago\n Singles\n 1. Blanch def. Farr 6-1, 6-0 \n 2. Field def. Derouin 6-2, 6-4\n 3. Tran def. Gumuscu 6-4, 6-0\n 4. Levin def. Malesevic 6-1, 6-2\n 5. Grimm def. Stalzer 6-3, 6-2\n 6. Hsia def. Harris 6-1, 6-2\n Doubles\n 1. Blanch/Levin def. Derouin/Gumuscu 9-7 \n 2. Field/Hsia def. Stalzer/Liwanpo 8-1 \n 3. Grimm/Tran def. Farr/Malesevic 8-4

\n Indiana vs. Butler\n Singles\n 1. Blanch def. Steiner 6-0, 6-1\n 2. Field def. Figel 6-0, 6-1\n 3. Tran def. Pedro 6-0, 6-0\n 4. Levin def. Champion 6-2, 6-1\n 5. Grimm def. Laun 6-1, 6-0\n 6. Hsia def. Clements 6-0, 6-0\n Doubles\n 1. Blanch/Levin def. Pedro/Laun 8-1\n 2. Field/Hsia def. Steiner/Figel 8-5\n 3. Grimm/Tran def. Champion/Gantz 8-0

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