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Sunday, June 16
The Indiana Daily Student


Davis: All 11 players will stay

With the announcement of Mike Davis as IU's next head basketball coach, attention turned to next season.\nDavis said he expects all 11 players to return and for the two incoming freshmen, especially Donald Perry, to contribute. \n"If somebody leaves, it will be hard to replace them," Davis said. "I'm prepared to beg them to stay. Hopefully they understand we can win a Big Ten title and a national championship."\nFreshman forward Jared Jeffries, who earlier in the year said he would consider entering the NBA draft, made sure the spotlight stayed on Davis, and not him.\nJeffries said Wednesday should be a day to celebrate Davis and not worry about his own future. When asked directly, he did not state his plans for next season.\n"It's Coach Davis' day," Jeffries said. "He's done a great year coaching. Nobody needs to focus on me -- they just need to be glad for him."\nJeffries said he realizes that no matter what he decision will be, Davis has influenced his career.\n"Coach Davis has helped my career immensely," Jeffries said. "He put the ball in my hands in a lot of situations to do what I thought was best, and that was big for my confidence."\nJeffries said he has high expectations for next season's team.\n"We're a top-5 team if everybody comes back ready," Jeffries said. "It shouldn't be if everybody comes back, it's if everybody comes in ready to play. If everybody comes back but doesn't get any better, we'll be the same team."\nJunior center Kirk Haston left after the announcement and headed for his home in Tennessee to visit his family.\n"I'm going home to spend time with my family and talk with my grandfather and other people who have valuable opinions," said Haston, who added that his grades are good enough for him to miss the rest of the week. "Hiring Coach Davis is a step in the right direction for keeping everyone together."\nFreshman guard Andre Owens wouldn't discuss his future with IU. But he didn't appear as happy as other players at the announcement, though he gave Davis a hug.\nFreshman center George Leach, who saw his playing time increase throughout the year, said he has no plans to leave.\n"Hopefully everybody stays," Leach said. "But we can win without them"

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