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Saturday, March 2
The Indiana Daily Student


Football player faces charges

Young heads to court on Friday

Junior cornerback Clarence "C.J." Young, 21, was arrested Friday at his residence in connection with an alleged sexual assault that reportedly occured at a party in the University Commons apartment complex Oct. 6, 2001. Young is being charged with attempted rape, a class B felony; sexual battery, a class C felony; criminal confinement, a class D felony; and battery, a class A misdemeanor.\nAccording to a Bloomington Police Department press release and the probable cause affidavit issued for Young's arrest, Young pulled a 19-year-old female IU student into a bathroom where he assaulted her. \nAccording to the affidavit, Young had approached the woman earlier in the night, identifying himself as "J.R.", starting a conversation with her. She claimed the man said he was an IU football player and was from Miami. The woman then told him that she was going into the party to find her friends and he followed.\nThe woman told the police that once the two reached the hallway, "J.R." hurried her into the bathroom, locked the door and proceded to sexually assault her. During the assault, she said she became very upset and was able to push him away, making her way out of the bathroom.\nThe woman met up with her friends and told them about the incident that had just occured. The woman reported the incident to the BPD three days later. \nAccording to the affidavit, detective Rick Crussen interviewed one of the woman's friends that had been told she was sexually assaulted. The woman's friend told Crussen she was "quiet, upset and crying, and that her emotions and her demeanor were consistent with what (her friend) would expect in someone who had just been attacked."\nCrussen did note in the affadavit, the woman had been approached by Young at the IU Main Library in November, where Young apologized, telling her, "I'm very sorry for what happened between us. That was not very manly on my part, and I apologize." Young was later identified through a photo-lineup on Dec. 12. \nOnce Crussen had enough evidence, he filed a probable cause affidavit with the prosecutors office Thursday and Young was arrested Friday without incident, BPD Captain Joe Qualters said. A $20,000 surety and $500 cash bond was set for Young. According to the the Monroe County Correctional Facility, Young posted bond less than 12 hours after his arrest. \nQualters said the reason it took nearly five months to issue the affadavit for the October incident was because conflicting schedules between Crussen and the students involved. \nThis is not the first incident in which Young has been charged with sexual assault. On July 15, 2001, Young, then 20, was arrested in connection with raping a 21-year-old woman, but the charges were dropped. Young is now facing a sexual battery charge in relation to the July incident.\nMonroe County prosecutor Carl Salzmann said he could not comment on the October incident or the one in July, because Young is still under investigation. \n"This case isn't solidifed," Salzman said. \nSalzman also said he was unaware of any other incidents involving Young, but he would like to talk to anyone who has any further information on the case. \nToby Strout of the Bloomington Middleway House for rape and sexual assault victims said coming forward and discussing their experience with anyone, much less law enforcement, is difficult for rape and sexual assault victims. But talking is a necessary part of the healing process.\n"(The victims) tend to feel responsible for what has happened," Strout said. "We encourage talking for a couple of reasons. The more info, the easier it is to stop the person who is doing this."\nAs far as his football career, Young has been suspended from the team since October, during former coach Cam Cameron's tenure, for violating the athletics department's code of conduct, According to athletics department Media Relations Director Jeff Fanter, new football head coach Gerry DiNardo has not had the opportunity to view Young's situation, because it is out of his hands.\n"These incidents aren't something coaches review," Fanter said. "It's in the hands of student services and the administration."\nFanter also said if Young is found innocent, it doesn't mean he will be back with the team. A selected panel will decide if he can rejoin the athletics program.\nYoung was not at his residence when contacted and did not return phone calls for comment. He is scheduled to appear in Monroe County Circuit Court Friday at 2:30 p.m.

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