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Monday, June 17
The Indiana Daily Student


The Greatness of College Football

Saturday afternoon, you could it hear it. What started as a low rumble in the late morning hours turned into a somewhat deafening noise heard from the northern part of campus. And with it, the good times of college football returned to Bloomington. \nWhat went on in that game? Who am I to say, I wasn't there! I was busy enjoying myself just one block away, on a grassy field, where the smell of burgers hung in the air, the beer was cold and the pigskin or frisbee was crashing into a tree. I was tailgating.\nIt has been said, by me, that the true essence of the American athletic fan spirit lies in football, both college and professional. The reasoning for this is simple. In no other sport is a whole day reserved toward celebrating the playing of the game. \nThink about it. In baseball, hockey and basketball, you go see the game, you go home. Well, maybe you hit the local pubs, depending on where you are. But with football, you get up early, park your car, break out the hibachi and cook yourself up some burgers, drink some brew and have a good time getting ready for the game. It doesn't get any better.\nSo, it was with great joy that I approached this upcoming football season. Not for hopes of a winning one with bowl aspirations. It was more because I could finally indulge myself in tailgating with no worries. Sure, perhaps I tailgated a game or two before this year, but I was never 21, thus never too sure about parading around, beer in hand under the watchful eye of the wonderful police officers we have around here. But now I am 21, so the partying could go on freely and without worry of ticketing. And while my excitement and tailgating debut this season got pushed back a week, it did not diminish the excellence of it. \nTo me, many a thing embodies college. One of those is the college football experience. A whole campus, waking up early Saturday morning, shaking off their hangover and heading down to the stadium to celebrate with friends and family under the canopy of the oncoming fall. \nWhile it would be great to have a football team that won games to support in these tailgates, the fun still happens every Saturday we play at home. I've already knocked out one tailgate with my friends in this quickly disappearing senior year, and can hardly wait for the next one. So come on down this Saturday when we play Ohio State. I'll be there, decked out in my Antwaan jersey, beer in one hand and football in the other. We'll save a burger for ya.

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