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Monday, June 17
The Indiana Daily Student


Sophomore says being loud, 'crazy' comes with being a goalie

Four games into the regular season and the only side effects sophomore goalkeeper Shaunna Daugherty has experienced are a couple of sore throats. Being a loudmouth is a part of the job description for being a goalkeeper. And being vocal on the field is something at which Daugherty excels. \n"It can take a number on your voice after games," Daugherty said. "You got to be talking continuously." \nDaugherty yells, screams and shouts her directions to the Hoosier defense. Her teammates credit her with being their eyes, ears and mouth on the field. \n"She's a really important part of our defense, basically because she keeps us in order. She is the one person who can see behind us and make sure we're in our place," sophomore Carly Everett said. "A lot of the stuff we've been doing has been shape, shape, shape, you can't get out of your shape (on the field), so she keeps our defense strong for that. And obviously with the saves." \nIt takes some special qualities to be a goalie, players said. It's not a position many young soccer players line up to play, instead opting for halfback and forward, positions that produce offense and score goals. \n"I think you have to be pretty confident in your abilities and know the directions you're giving are good directions and just not be afraid to yell at people," sophomore keeper Kristin Pimlott said. Daugherty agrees that goalkeeper isn't a position for the weak of heart. \n"Everyone says goalies are a different breed, and I guess that's because you have to be crazy. People look at goalies and what they do and are like 'I could never do that,'" Daugherty said.\n"They've performed really well when they've had to," assistant coach Don Madwig said. \nIU seems set in goal with both Daugherty and Pimlott both only in their second years of eligibility. The team will rely on Daugherty as it looks to improve its 8-9-1 record from a year ago. She said doesn't shy away from the expectations. \n"It's a challenge and I love stepping up to challenges," Daugherty said. "You know you're going to get drilled, and I love the expectation of 'you got to stand up'. You gotta be there"

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