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Monday, June 17
The Indiana Daily Student


Randle El will QB once again

Cameron announces heralded new offense will be scrapped after losses to N.C. State, Utah

Coach Cam Cameron has probably said it to himself 100 times the past two weeks.\nAnd Saturday night, after IU's 28-26 loss to Utah, he said it publicly for the first time.\nHas there ever been a more obvious decision in the history of the game?\nApparently not.\nOne week after a new-look IU offense sputtered against North Carolina State, senior Antwaan Randle El is back at quarterback. Full time.\nCameron said he didn't know the exact day he decided to abandon "The Plan." He didn't have much of a choice after IU's offensive showing against the Wolfpack.\n"The way we performed against North Carolina State was nothing indicative of what we'd seen prior to that," said Cameron, whose Hoosiers are 0-2 heading into Big Ten play. "Or else, believe me, we wouldn't have done it."\nBut they did do it. And it did fail. So against Utah Saturday, Randle El took the first snap. And with each play thereafter, it became more clear that Cameron made the right decision. \nMidway through the first quarter, Randle El took off to the right, cut up field and had about 10 yards before he turned and threw a two-handed overhand pitch to senior Levron Williams -- who was running a good seven yards to Randle El's right.\nRandle El made a handful of other did-he-really-just-do-that plays throughout the game, showing why IU needs him at quarterback.\n"Randle El is a magician," Utah coach Ron McBride said. "He made some outstanding moves today. He is a once in a lifetime football player."\nYou don't have to tell that to Cameron.\n"Obviously we're spoiled with the kind of plays he makes," Cameron said. "We just get to the point where we expect him to make every single play. I thought with the exception of a play or two, he played extremely well."\nAnd while IU lost the game, its offense looked more like the one that averaged nearly 440 yards per game last season than the one that gained 276 against N.C. State.\nRandle El ran for 69 yards, threw for 157 and had three touchdowns -- two rushing and one passing. He managed only 74 yards offensively in the season opener.\nHe didn't have much to say about the switch back to quarterback, other than "that's fine with me."\nBut he did say that he's still content with his decision to come back for his fourth year of eligibility.\n"I don't think anything can happen this year that I would have regrets about coming back," he said. "I can honestly say that. Just having Cam here and being with my guys as far as (seniors) Devin Schaffer, Justin Smith, Craig (Osika) -- those guys that I know are in it.\n"Not to say that the other guys are not in it, but it means a lot when it's guys that either came in your class or have been playing since they got here."\nNow he has nine more games to spend with those guys, and, after a no-brainer, he'll do so as a quarterback.

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