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Monday, June 17
The Indiana Daily Student


Transfer glad to be back

Bloomington native joins IU team from Kansas State

For senior Disney Bronnenberg, "There's no place like home." \nBronnenberg, a Bloomington native, spent the first three years of her college volleyball career playing for Kansas State University, a member of the Big 12 conference. \nIt's rare for a senior athlete to transfer, but Bronnenberg said although the transition was tough, she couldn't be happier to be back in Bloomington.\n"I just couldn't stay away," she said.\nThe transfer from Kansas State to Indiana was not hard, despite rigid NCAA rules, she said. Since the Hoosiers are not in the same conference as the Wildcats, there was no problem getting released from former Kansas State head coach Jim McLaughlin and the Big 12 conference. \n"I wanted a school with a balance between athletics and academics...and nothing against K-State, but IU could provide that for me," Bronnenberg said. "IU has a great volleyball program and great academics. Everyone at Indiana cares so much; the coaches, girls (on the team), athletic director, the administration. The girls have been so supportive and welcoming. It feels like home." \nHead coach Katie Weismiller said she is impressed with the way Bronnenberg has come into the team and fit in without problems. \n"Disney has come in and done a nice job," Weismiller said. "She has experience as a senior and it's different (than a freshman), she came in and has played with other teams. She runs the court ... as the season grows I think that she is going to become more of a leader." \nFellow teammates said Bronnenberg, although not the tallest on the roster at 5'9", makes of the biggest impressions on the court. \nThe first words that came out of senior Meghan Stout's mouth about Bronnenberg was that she is a "spark plug" on the court. \n"She knows the game well. She's a smart player and she knows how to win," Stout said. \nAs a setter on the team, Bronnenberg has a responsibility of running the court and setting up plays for other teammates. \n"Victoria (Zimmerman) and Laurie (Gardner) are two of the best setters that I have ever played with," Bronnenburg said. "There are high expectations at IU and I like that... Coach Katie has really high expectations for setters ... being a setter is like being the quarterback to volleyball"

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