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Friday, June 21
The Indiana Daily Student


Big shoes to fill

Which Hoosier is going to fill the void left by haston?

One of Kirk Haston's favorite memories as a Hoosier was taking the final three-point shot to defeat then No. 1 Michigan State at Assembly Hall. \n"I've got kind of a backload of memories that when I think of my career here that kind of go through my mind," Haston said. "It's hard not to look at the Michigan State game as the one that kind of sticks out the most. Just looking back at the tape and looking back at the pictures after the game of the fans' faces and my teammates' faces after that -- that gives me joy that I really can't describe." \nThroughout the 2000-2001 season, Haston took several shots in similar situations. Some fell -- at Penn State -- and some didn't -- against Iowa in the Big Ten Tournament Championship Game. \nNow that Haston has decided to forego his final year of eligibility and test NBA waters, who is going to be the go-to guy for the 2001-2002 men's basketball squad?\nWhen asked this question, Haston, Assistant Head Coach John Treloar and Assistant Coach Dan Panaggio gave several different answers, but all were optimistic.\n"I think that (Sophomore forward Jared) Jeffries is stepping into a role he would be very comfortable at," Haston said. "He's used to being the go-to guy in high school and I think he'll be able to do that, and I think that this is going to give some guys like George the chance to really shine and do some things that they wouldn't have a chance to do otherwise. I think they have to take advantage of the situation like I am."\nPanaggio mentioned junior center George Leach as someone who can fill the space left under the basket with Haston's departure.\n"Obviously George is the center, so George is going to see the opportunity presented to himself," Panaggio said.\nTreloar suggested more of a team effort in filling the void left by the team's leading scorer.\n"I think we'll be a team that is a lot more balanced offensively than we were this year where we relied on just Jeffries and Haston," he said. "I think with the guys coming in and the returning guys, we'll be able to do that."\nThe "guys coming in" will present other opportunities for Mike Davis to work with his roster for his sophomore effort as IU's head coach. Incoming freshmen power forward Sean Kline and point guard Donald Perry are being touted as players that can make an immediate impact.\n"I'm sure Sean Kline coming in as power forward is going to think 'Here's some opportunity for some minutes,'" Panaggio said. "Donald is going to be a good basketball player. He's a good basketball player and has good quickness and has a real good head on his shoulders and he can get in the lane and find people and he can score some."\nWhile IU does have four returning starters from the Big Ten Tournament runner-up squad, there will be aspects of Haston that can't be replaced, only compensated for.\n"There's no question we're going to miss Kirk Haston's ability to get easy baskets for us," Treloar said. "I think it will be spread around more."\nHowever it is done, the men's basketball coaching staff is going to make adjustments to see that their team can contend in the Big Ten and on a national level. They said they'll make sure of it.\n"I'll go back to the resiliency of Mike Davis and the rest of the coaches; they're used to it," Panaggio said. "You just do the best you can and you adjust. You have to make adjustments on the fly"

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