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Tuesday, April 16
The Indiana Daily Student


Laskowski seeks top athletics job

Alumnus, former player applies as successor for retiring Doninger

John Laskowski, a former IU basketball player, said he has applied for the position of athletics director. An 18-member search committee headed by Vice President for Administration Terry Clapacs is seeking a replacement for athletics director Clarence Doninger, who is retiring June 30.\nThe committee is reviewing resumes and letters of recommendation before selecting finalists for interviews. Applications are being accepted until Jan. 1.\nDoninger, who has held the position since 1991, falls under the University's mandatory retirement policy, which states that executives and high policy makers "shall be required to retire ... when the individual holding the position has attained the age of 65." \nLaskowski is in his 22nd year of broadcasting IU basketball for the IU Television Network and has been host of "The Cam Cameron Show" for the past four years. He said he is a qualified candidate because he knows what the athletic program needs. \n"No.1, I'm a fan of Indiana. No. 2, I'm a graduate. And No. 3, I'm a guy who's been around here 30 years," Laskowski said. "If I were selected, it would be a transition that I'm already used to doing, working here at the University."\nIn addition to his broadcast work, Laskowski has worked for the last six years as the vice president of marketing and membership of the Alumni Association. He has a degree in business and said that one of his major areas of concentration would be increased football attendance. He said he would also like to see more promotion of women's sports.\nLaskowski is 47 and said that is a benefit because it gives him ample time to create and achieve goals.\n"A lot of things that happen at a university take a long time to take place," Laskowski said. "I have a long time to set some goals at five, 10 even 15 years and then hand it off to the next guy."\nDoninger said he cannot comment on any of the applicants.\n"The process is going on, so for me to comment on any applicants would be inappropriate at this time," Doninger said. "They'll seek some input from me, but I'm sure there will be a lot of candidates, internal and external, and a lot of quality people. The selection committee will do a good job."\nDoninger said no progress has been made regarding choosing a permanent head basketball coach. A new athletics director must be hired first. Laskowski, who also hosts "The Mike Davis Show," said that if he were to receive the position, he didn't know who he would appoint head coach.\n"That's too far down the road," Laskowski said. "The good Lord gives you a day at a time. I'm going to try my best to help this University in anyway I can, and if it's being the next athletics director, then that's what I want to do." \nBut looking to a decision on a new men's basketball coach is too far away, Laskowski said.\n"When it comes time to say we need to get a permanent coach," Laskowski said, "we'll attack that then"

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