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Time to get out of here

Kent Harvey should run -- fast and far. And he needs to do it now.\nThe last place Harvey should want to be right now is Bloomington -- let alone on campus.\nPeople on this campus appreciate IU basketball, as well as the coach who's synonymous with it. And they didn't appreciate the role Harvey played in dismantling it.\nPerhaps he doesn't like coach Bob Knight or IU basketball. Perhaps he thought it would be entertaining to get Knight in trouble. Perhaps he just wanted to be on TV or in the news.\nPerhaps he should have thought before he acted.\nI'm still trying to figure out what made Harvey think that he should address Knight, let alone holler at him like the two of them went way back. Harvey doesn't know Knight. Knight doesn't know Harvey. They probably weren't going to establish a friendship anytime soon.\nYet Harvey still felt the need to say hello. According to the stories, Bob Knight grabbed Harvey's arm and told Harvey to address him as Mr. Knight or Coach Knight, if he addressed him at all.\nWhether Harvey meant for it to or not, the incident has snowballed -- costing IU its basketball coach. At a press conference Sunday, IU President Myles Brand said this incident was just one in a series for Knight. Yet many students on this campus will place the blame for Knight's firing on the person who has been at the center of the media frenzy -- Harvey himself. Brand made Harvey out to be the poor kid who's caught up in the middle of all of this.\nThat might be true. But if Harvey does stay at IU, he should change his phone number. And his locks. And his identity. He shouldn't leave his dorm room.\nSure, he's in a bad position now. He might not get the IU education he set out to get. And maybe he never intended for this to become such a huge story. But he did get it started, and he's now facing the repercussions.\nPeople were irritated when the whole story broke. \nEverybody wanted to know who this kid was.\nBut now that Knight has been fired?\nNo more than one hour after Knight's firing was announced, fliers were being distributed on campus. They consisted of Harvey's name, his picture, his e-mail address, his phone number and the following phrase: WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE.\nIt also included a disclaimer in fine print -- calling it a joke -- but you get the picture.\nWhether or not it's right, Harvey might be in danger if he stays here at IU. It's unfortunate that a kid who came here to get an education now has to be careful in public. But he's not just Kent Harvey anymore.\nLike it or not, he's "The Kid Who Got Bob Knight Fired"

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