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Monday, June 17
The Indiana Daily Student


Fife, Moye to stay

Davis' decision influences players

Junior guard Dane Fife spent Monday night at a Bloomington comedy club.\nWhile he was sitting in the audience, the onstage comedian pleaded for Fife to stay at IU. The students in attendance then started cheering for Fife, who announced early in the day he was transferring from IU because of Bob Knight's removal as basketball coach.\nFife was touched by the students' support. He was also encouraged by the University's decision to name Mike Davis as new basketball coach.\nSo just one day after saying he was leaving Indiana, Fife marched onto the Assembly Hall floor with 11 teammates and stood at center court as Davis was announced as interim head coach and John Treloar as interim associate head coach. After the announcement, Fife said he was staying at IU.\n"The main thing I realize is that this is my home," Fife said. "The people here are just unbelievable to us. The students' support, the team's support and the coaches' support has been unbelievable."\nFife did admit it will be weird putting on the IU jersey without Knight as coach.\n"It's going to be different," Fife said. "It felt different before this press conference. Coach Davis and Coach Treloar walked in, but no coach Knight. It was different right there." \nFife said he's relieved the whirlwind surrounding the team's coaching situation is over and the Hoosiers can get back to playing basketball.\n"I feel a lot better," Fife said. "I've been through a lot; everybody's been through a lot, I'm glad to be back."\nFreshman guard A.J. Moye, who also announced he would transfer Monday, said the naming of Davis' as coach was one reason why he changed his mind.\n"Right now, if they didn't name coach Davis as coach, I would probably be going back to my apartment to get my things and transfer," Moye said. "Since coach Davis is the head coach, I'm more than happy to remain. He played an integral part in getting me here too."\nMoye, a prized recruit from Atlanta, said a Monday night phone conversation with Davis influenced his decision to stay at IU. \n"My situation was a little different than anyone else's because there were a lot of emotional circumstances taken into consideration," explained Moye, who said he primarily came to IU because of Knight. "I basically trusted my life to Coach Knight, and he's gone, and that's something I can't get back. But I still have Coach Davis. He's more than a coach, he's a big brother. Right now, he's the only person in the state I can trust."\nThe most dramatic moment of the news conference came when the entire team marched onto the floor together at 4:05 p.m. to appear before the more than 100 media members in attendance. Up until that point it wasn't clear if Fife and Moye were still part of the team.\n"I just felt it was a great scene," junior forward Kirk Haston said. "It was a great opportunity for us to show what a solid team we can be together. It was a really good sense of pride." \nSophomore guard Kyle Hornsby said the march was to show the team's support for Davis and Treloar.\n"That shows we do back Coach Davis and Coach Treloar," Hornsby said, "As much as we hated what happened here and as much as we love coach Knight, we do back both of these coaches and we look forward to continuing the tradition of Indiana basketball." \nHornsby said he found out Tuesday morning that Fife and Moye would remain with the team.\n"I love both those guys," he said. "I've known Dane since before my senior year of high school. I like playing with him and I love the fact that's he staying. I haven't known A.J. for nearly as long, but he's a good guy and I would like the chance to play with him"

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