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Panoply Academy Legionnaires: Not your average rock and roll

A real basic question first... Who's in the band?\nPete Schreiner ' drums\nNick Quagliara ' bass\nMarty Sprowles ' guitar\nDarin Glenn ' vocals, guitar, sampler\nWhat is the band's recorded discography?\nSchreiner: Okay, well this is complicated, because there have been three lineups. The first lineup was the Panoply Academy Glee Club, they have a full length called Rah!, which is on Secretly Canadian, they have an EP called What We Defend, that's on Secretly Canadian, they have a 7-inch on Ape Records … the (next) lineup was called the Panoply Academy Corps of Engineers, that's the full length that came out in April, it's on Secretly Canadian, that's called Consentus. And then ... I took over on drums, now we're the Panoply Academy Legionnaires.\nI've seen your music classified as "experimental." Why do people classify it like that?\nSchreiner: Probably because it's never verse-chorus-verse. Probably mostly structural. We have some weird sound stuff that happens with the sampler. We have a lot of changes. We'll push up on you right away. It's pretty unpredictable, I suppose….I'd like to think we're experimental, but I don't think we're as experimental as a lot of people.\nA lot of people that I've heard talk about how your live shows can't be missed — about how you guys are absolutely outstanding live. Why?\nSchreiner: It must be the energy. We're not a real 'rock and roll' band. We don't jump around a lot. It's got to be the music. I think the music's pretty exciting. We have a part in one of our songs where we have this chant, and we ask, "What color was the blood?" and depending on what people yell out, that determines how the song progresses. We have noisemakers; we encourage people to play along. We've had some shows that were awesome, with people just playing along. We'll have a break, and they'll keep playing through it.\nAny upcoming shows?\nSchreiner: We're playing the BloomingtonFest Saturday night at the John Waldron Arts Center, at 10:30 (p.m.). Both those nights also Friday are a Secretly Canadian and Jagjaguwar showcase as part of BloomingtonFest. Jagjaguwar is a sister label of Secretly Canadian and all the bands are good. It's going to be awesome. We're going to try to do a long tour, tour the country again. Probably in like February or January. Maybe with a band called Cerberus Shoal from Maine. \nDo you have anything in the works?\nSchreiner: Yeah, we're recording right now with this guy named Dan Burton; he's in the Early Day Miners and he was in a band called Ativin, which was on Secretly Canadian. They're awesome. We did all the basic tracks before summer. Dan just moved here from Chicago, and he set a studio up at his place. We'll be working there the next couple of months, actually.\nNow, there's an a capella album that you're on too, right?\nSchreiner: Yeah, that's called the Panoply Academy Die Cast Cadets, and it's mostly, well Darin's the only one from the band that's on it.

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