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A Knight to remember

Should coach Bob Knight have been fired?\n"Hell no."\nWhy in the world is this happening now? \nGood question.\n"Let me ask you this; can you imagine … being placed under these sanctions and grabbing some kid and screaming at him and cursing at him in a public place?" Knight asked in an IDS exclusive interview. "There's one thing I'm not -- and that's dumb." \nWith 761 coaching victories, three national championships and a legendary coaching status that includes a place in the National Basketball Hall of Fame, Knight is unquestionably one of the greatest minds to ever coach in any sport. In support of Knight, I am going to make a ridiculously absurd suggestion that just might make IU President Myles Brand think a little bit more about his decision to remove the most storied coach in collegiate basketball history.\nTake Tuesday off.\nIf not one student goes to class tomorrow, not only will it send a message that the students won't tolerate this worthless excuse Brand gave us, but it will show the nation just how much Bob Knight meant to Indiana University.\nWhen people think of Indiana, they think of two things: basketball and Knight. One is synonymous with the other.\nTo remove Knight from IU is like playing basketball without a ball.\nThe students have a collective civil duty to be pissed off. They should protest and let anyone and everyone know IU students don't take crap from anyone.\nAs far as breaking things and rioting, I don't encourage it. But in the current situation, we could do a lot worse. We could go knock over cows, but Brand would probably cry over the spilt milk. \nThroughout all the media coverage and faculty statements, let's just remember why we are doing this and why this is all such a big deal.\nThis state, this city and we as students love coach Knight. We want him to be our basketball coach.\nLet's show our support for our fallen General and take a stand.

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