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Uncertain promises

What would you do with $4,561,000,000,000? This is the United States' 10-year projected budget surplus according to the Congressional Budget Office and both presidential candidates want everyone to feel like they'll get a big slice of the pie.

Yoga relieves stress, keeps students healthy

Students who walk into Cherry Merritt-Derriau's one-credit yoga class at the Student Recreational Sports Center take a deep breath. They are part of growing number of people who are using yoga to relieve stress and stay healthy. Since the 1960s, when instructors from India began teaching in America, yoga has adapted through two generations to meet health and stress management needs.

Technology stocks take sharp dive

Investors appear to have lost their love affair with technology and Internet-related stocks, marked by the nearly 35 percent drop from its high in March of this year. Technology bellwethers such as Yahoo!, Intel and Lucent Technologies have been hit especially hard by the continued sell-off.

Mideast crisis continues

Violence between Israel and Palestine escalated Thursday as a Palestinian mob killed three Israeli soldiers and Israel retaliated with rocket attacks on Yasser Arafat\'s residential compound.

Dow Jones plummet hurts Home Depot stock

Amid Middle East violence and the bombing of Navy destroyer USS Cole, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted almost 400 points yesterday in the fifth-biggest point drop in history. Analysts pointed to turmoil abroad as the cause, but Thursday's stock activity continued a month-long slide in stock prices.

GLBT community celebrates national Coming Out Day

Many students, along with thousands of other participants across the country, will celebrate National Gay Pride Week 2000 with a plethora of educational and awareness events this week.

Reports to set market's mood

This week, a number of companies will release their third-quarter earnings. Those earnings appear to be strong, but Wall Street is more interested in the guidance companies release for following quarters. After last week's large losses, investors are interested in future growth. If companies announce sales will be slowing, investors could punish them. A number of high-profile companies will release earnings this week including General Electric, Yahoo!, Motorola and General Motors. Investors will also be looking at the earnings of technology companies Juniper Networks, Veritas Software and Redback Networks.

Bloomington experts react to Yugoslavian turmoil

When Yugoslavians revolted against then-president Slobodan Milosevic and voted in Vojislav Kostunica, which effectively harbored in democratic rule, Frank McCloskey paid attention. The former Bloomington mayor and six-term U.S. Congressmen met with Milosevic after the Croatian War in 1991, served as a mediator in negotiations over territorial disputes in Bosnia and is working toward his graduate degree in Serbo-Croatian language and Balkan history.

Yugoslav protesters seize capital

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia -- The 13-year rule of the Yugoslav president appeared to have collapsed. Earlier in the day, hundreds of thousands of people swarmed through the capital to demand that Milosevic accept his apparent electoral defeat by Vojislav Kostunica in the Sept. 24 election. The uprising developed with stunning speed, swelling as security forces showed little willingness to battle the largest anti-Milosevic protest ever. The government's Tanjug news agency, which defected to the opposition, said two people were killed and 65 injured in the rioting. All but 12 of the injured were treated and released from hospitals, Tanjug said.

Dell Computer recovers after stock declines to 52-week low

Dell Computer Corporation, the world's leading direct computer systems company and No. 2 personal computer maker, experienced a tremor in its solidified veneer as its stock declined to a 52-week low in the Nasdaq Stock Market Sept. 28. Dell recovered somewhat during the day, finishing at $32.44, a $1.19 drop.

Olympics committee cracks down on athlete drug use

The Olympics ended Sunday, but for some athletes, it ended on a note of humiliation and disappointment. Eight athletes tested positive for drug use in the Sydney Games, and 50 tested positive for drug use before the games. It's part of an Olympic crackdown on doping athletes.

Peru's election secure so far

Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori is back home after meeting with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. His trip to Washington followed rumors of a plot to stage a coup that began circulating through Peru's Congress.

September Dow ends on negative

This week, the Federal Reserve will meet and make a statement about interest rates and inflation. "This meeting is going to be pretty boring," Sung Won Sohn, chief economist at Wells Fargo & Co., told "They likely will put more emphasis on inflation, especially because of the price of oil going up significantly."

FDA approves abortion pill

WASHINGTON -- The Food and Drug Administration Thursday approved U.S. use of the abortion pill RU-486, a major victory for those who battled for 12 years to bring the early-abortion method to this country.

Conditions offer hope for imprisoned American

During the past five years, Mark and Rhoda Berenson have been spreading the word about their daughter, Lori Berenson, 30. Berenson was arrested in 1995 in Peru after she was accused of being a ringleader in the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, a pro-Cuban terrorist group, according to the parents' Web site.

Euro's decline leads to intervention from Central Bank

The World's largest central banks -- including the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank -- attempted to put an end to their financial woes that have been developing since the launch of the euro in January 1999.

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