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Napster receives funding from unexpected source

Napster, the renegade Silicon Valley start-up that brought the music industry to its knees, had its first turncoat Oct. 31. Bertelsmann, a German media conglomerate that started as a Bible publisher in 1835, gave Napster $50 million.

Bush confident of victory

AUSTIN, Texas -- It was still raining Wednesday in Austin, Texas, and there was still no president-elect.

Recount critical for Gore

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- With the presidential race still too close to call, Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush are confident the final vote in Florida will swing in their favor.

Texans anticipate final decision

AUSTIN, Texas -- After a crowd of thousands left the street in front of the Texas capitol Tuesday night, a smaller crowd was left behind.

Student workers pivotal in Gore campaign

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Thick gray clouds blanketed the sky Monday afternoon over Gore headquarters, and a gusty wind rustled what leaves remained on the branches. Inside, a mob of Gore volunteers generated an urgent buzz of conversation.

Nation's capital anxious for verdict

WASHINGTON -- In the nation's capital, the tight election is dominating conversations and imaginations. From street corners to television channels in bars, politics was everywhere. The first election in history that is too close to call has captured everyone's attention -- political junkie or not.

AT&T investigated for alleged slamming

The Federal Communications Commission recently announced an investigation of AT&T to determine if the company has been switching customers to long distance carriers without their consent, known in the industry as slamming.

Election results to affect market

The market stands to be affected by issues throughout the week. Today, Cisco Systems will release earnings after the close of trading. According to First Call, a business monitoring firm, the company is expected to earn 17 cents a share. Investors are closely watching the release, as Cisco has beaten earnings expectations for the last 15 quarters.

Powell: Bush's DUI will not hurt him

Retired Army Gen. Colin Powell, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, addressed the 1976 drunken driving arrest of Texas Gov. George W. Bush Friday before his speech at the IU Auditorium.

Report links man-made pollution to global warming

New evidence shows that man-made pollution has "contributed substantially" to global warming and that the earth is likely to get a lot hotter than previously predicted, concludes the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Dow, NASDAQ close on positive note

Investors will pay close attention to economic data that will be released this week. The data could provide some insight as to the state of the economy. Reports regarding personal income, consumer confidence, and unemployment are due this week. If investors feel that the economy is slowing down too much, the markets will trade lower.

Researchers test geofertilizing

Results of a large-scale experiment in the Southern Ocean, which surrounds Antarctica, hint that scientists could engineer the world's oceans, according to Nature. But some experts say the effects of "geofertilizing" can be harmful. The procedure can be accomplished by stimulating the growth of algae, which consume carbon dioxide. This means oceans can then be immense sponges for carbon dioxide -- the culprit for rising global temperatures.

General Electric makes aircraft merger

The battle for Dow component Honeywell International Inc. heated up Friday, as United Technologies Corporation announced it would not be acquiring the company. Honeywell confirmed its merger discussions with United Technologies were finished Oct. 20, and announced it was considering alternative proposals. Reuters reported that General Electric stepped in and sealed a deal for Honeywell Saturday. The deal is supposedly worth around $44 billion in stock, or around $55 dollars a share. The proposed acquisition will be the largest ever for GE.

Oil companies to report earnings

This week, a number of oil-related companies are expected to deliver earnings, including Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Sunoco. Numerous technology companies -- including Compaq, WorldCom, Amazon, Lucent and AT&T -- will also be reporting earnings. If these companies provide positive guidance to investors, it could be another week of gains on Wall Street.

Taiwan faces unstable future

After Taiwan Premier Tang Fei's sudden resignation earlier this month, experts say the political situation in the island country is unstable.

Scientists clone Iowa ox in hopes of saving species

Who can forget Dolly? Well, now get ready to welcome Noah, who will be the first cloned ox to enter the world. The bovine surrogate mother, Bessie, is carrying the Indian bison or gaur, a fetus, at a farm near Sioux City, Iowa. If she delivers as expected next month, she will be the harbinger of a stunning new way to save endangered species.

Mideast peace summit begins

As Israel and Palestine enter today's peace summit in Egypt, unstable leadership and outcry over violence are some of the issues clouding chances of a permanent peace accord.


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