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Musings from a little bird

Become a better collegiate Twitter user with a guide tailor-made for the IU Student.

A re-vamped horror?

Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan breathe undead life into their vampire novel trilogy as it makes its maiden voyage as a television series.

Writing about writing

The Outstanding Writing categories for the Emmy Awards reignites a nervous glance at the future of network television.

A chimp off the old block

Andy Serkis should be applauded for furthering the world of motion-capture performance as seen in tension-driven "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes."

No walk in the park

Check out some suggestions for what might be your new favorite running route.

A strange medium, a stranger show

An quirky and beloved podcast radio show celebrates its two-year anniversary with telltale absurdist writing.

On track but lacking warmth

Climate change has made the world an uninhabitable tundra, and the only humans left alive are those on board a dystopic train that never stops circling the world.

Greta Smith poses for us while situated in her nook of the Union Board Office.

Behind the screen: an interview with UB Films Director

IU students are lucky to find free movie screenings at the Whittenberger Auditorium in the Indiana Memorial Union and we have the Union Board Films Committee to thank.We had the privilege of joining the Films Committee director Greta Smith in her movie-paraphernalia-bedecked corner of the Union Board office to find out more about how these complimentary flicks are brought to screen.

“The Dark Moon” Wanes

Television: “Teen Wolf”Starring: Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Jill WagnerThe fourth season of “Teen Wolf” premiered Monday, and if there is anything to take from the episode, it’s that the show’s cinematographers love their color filters.Ordinarily set in the fictional town of Beacon Hills, Calif., and shot in primarily cool colors, the premiere moved action south of the border to a town in Mexico and was shot entirely in warm tones to match.To be perfectly honest, this change was the most notable feature of a forgettable premiere.

Hunting Hauntings

Out the car window, I can't see much more than moonlight as it flashes between the treetops. The crescent moon is veiled in clouds, creating an eerie, silver glow around it that does little to illuminate the pitch-dark night. We have been driving through the woods for the past 15 minutes, and the road in front of us seems to snake endlessly onward into the dark. It is a storybook night for a ghost hunt.


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