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Daniel Craig: The best Bond

Craig harkened back to Connery’s Bond as a fusion of sex and danger. But he did it differently and, in my opinion, even better.

Can Facebook make huge profits from its users' huge egos?

For a small fee — only $7 — you can put your status at the top of your friends’ news feeds, essentially calling attention to it above all of the other crap that accumulates on the draincatch of the internet.

Giving in to the dream

No matter who you voted for or your political stance, we all have a stake in the future of this nation. It doesn’t matter how you voted. Obama is your president.

The absence of partisan voting "integrity"

I wanted to believe it was an honest attempt to streamline our voting process, but last-minute moves made by Republican lawmakers in Ohio and Florida during the past week have convinced me otherwise. 

The Democrats' circus campaigning

I haven’t witnessed many presidential campaigns, but I can’t imagine the amount of absurdity the Democrats have rolled out this election season is normal.

Vote, then whine

This election is going to have an impact on you whether you vote or not. I can guarantee that.

Myth of the econoRomney

Here’s an awkward secret: it is predicted that regardless of who is president, 12 million jobs will be created by 2016. Either candidate will create jobs. A lot of jobs.

Obama doesn't care about gays

As much as you’d like to think of this election as a pivotal one in terms of gay rights, recognize that Obama, like Romney, has no plans to make gay marriage a reality.

It's wicked not to care

Recently a close family friend told me that in her 65 years of life, she believes this to be the most important election she has seen. Take that to heart.

Stormy politics

Sandy reinforces the fact that, until Nov. 7 rolls around and a president is chosen, the actions of Romney and Obama are viewed through an all-important political prism.

No more canned laughter

We’re tricked into wasting 30 minutes on the same repetition of jokes used since the first season of “Married with Children,” and we are still being made fools of today.

Why George McGovern mattered then and why he matters now

Few can recall much about McGovern, but the respected statesman, liberal standard bearer and candidate of “amnesty, abortion and acid” — as conservative muckrakers unkindly painted him — is just as relevant now as he was during the protests of the late 1960s.


It’s gotten to the point in which a personal life no longer exists if your name is even slightly recognizable.

Vice Presidential Matchup

Thursday provides both a difficult challenge and a great opportunity for both
campaigns. Ryan will have to overcome his lack of debate experience to build on the momentum Romney’s performance began last week, while Biden will have to fight to pin down specifics on several discrepancies in Romney’s plans without making any embarrassing gaffes.

A is for Adderall

A new trend is popping up in Georgia. Low-income children struggling in elementary school? Give them drugs.

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