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Love thy neighbor already!

The New Jersey-based group American Atheists has been granted permission to build a monument in honor of atheists at a county courthouse in Florida. If there was ever a way to show that Christians and atheists have it out for each other, this would be it.

A 'Game of Thrones' personality test

This Sunday will bring the incredible third season of HBO’s fantasy drama “Game of Thrones” to a close. In honor of their temporary departure, I’ve come up with some analysis on what your favorite character says about you.

Is misogyny really a "Trek" tradition?

As a young man who goes gaga for a well-produced science-fiction epic, I loved every frame of “Star Trek: Into Darkness.” The problem isn’t with this one film, and the writers should not be under fire for one harmless underwear scene.

Opinion tackles our national pop culture obsession.

The show must go on...right this instant!

The way we watch television has changed forever. But TV binging, while quite enjoyable and even more addictive, is not the best way to watch TV.

Go home, Abercrombie & Fitch. You're irrelevant.

You can pay all the money in the world to attractive models and employees to wear your clothing in advertisements. That doesn’t mean people with actual taste will still wear your clothing once puberty is over.

119 million without internet

Our news outlets are failing us, bringing us Paul Miller instead of having meaningful conversations that could prompt our country to do more — like figure out how to give 119 million people access to the Internet.

Makeup and feminism: pros and cons

How do we escape the grip that beauty has on us if it is necessary in order to get jobs, or promotions, or respect?

America v. Religion: a saga

America protects your right to worship who you want, where you want, when you want, why you want, and for the most part, how you want. What we don’t protect is your right to use your religion as an excuse to harm or kill others.

Mississippi Unchained

A staggering 148 years after the United States of America formally abolished the uncivil practice of slavery, Mississippi has finally jumped on the bandwagon and ratified the 13th Amendment.

Be cautious about market-based solutions

Undoubtedly, we as a society need to help those in poverty find homes. Easy credit and pressure to own a home are not good ways to achieve this goal, though. Direct government help could be a better option.

Democrats: stop your spending

Entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid eat up twice what defense does. Democrats have been throwing around the possibility of up to $400 billion in entitlement cuts, but they won’t kick in for 10 to 20 years.

Gay "conversion" therapy is idiotic

Overcoming a traumatizing past by trying to rid a person of homosexuality is like trying to set a broken leg by giving a person sinus medication.

No more "homophobia"

The Associated Press Stylebook has decided to nix certain salient but murky terms — including homophobia, Islamaphobia and ethnic cleansing.

Fox's Venker is deluded

Women aren’t pie factories and baby farms anymore. Women are apparently angry and defensive, turning men away from them and leading to a lack of marriages.

Politics on the silver screen

To tide you crazies over for the next four years, I thought I’d compile a list of some of the best and juiciest politically flavored flicks, to sate your appetite for scandal for another four years.

Crotch brains

Does our country have any integrity at all? Is it that people who have fame and power think from their crotches instead of from their brains? 

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