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LETTER: Trump's totem pole

If I can be completely honest, I am scared for the direction this country is taking. How are we expected to teach younger generations about respect for others’ differences when our nation’s leader consistently double-downs on supporting his inflamatory rhetoric.

LETTER: Indiana deserves better than Holcomb-Crouch

The people of this state deserve leaders who have outlined specifics regarding moving Indiana forward, not just another politician carrying this state because of the R in front of his name.

Letter to the editor #2

I’m happy that others are voting for third-party candidates and thereby abandoning the Republican and Democratic parties.

Letter to the editor #3

The idea that victims need to be believed without first trying the potential criminal would destroy the concept of due process.

Letter to the editor #1

No doubt many on campus are happy with Dunn’s Woods being lit at night, but for others, it’s yet another sad chapter in our turning night into day across campus.

LETTER: Response from a regular reader

I am a regular reader of the online edition of the Indiana Daily Student and frequently read the editorials - most of which I vehemently disagree with the positions taken by the student editors.

LETTER: A call for pass/fail classes

Jews, Christians, and Muslims, R152, with Professor, Imhoff. A level 100 class that presented 1/4 of students with a final grade of a C or a D.

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