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Thursday, June 13
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2018 Basketball Guide

The 2018 basketball season is here. The Indiana Daily Student has everything you need to know about the season, the players and the storylines to follow this season. 

2018 IU Men's Soccer

2018 IU Men's Soccer Guide

 Here’s a look at the players and coaches, their past and how they can contribute this season. 




As Indiana's foster care system strains beneath the weight of the opioid crisis, foster parents fight to protect themselves and the state's neglected children.

Conservator Jim Canary explains how he plans to repair the binding of a book that is currently kept in a cardboard box. Canary conducts repairs in the Lilly Library’s conservation lab.

The Conservator


For about 32 years, conservator Jim Canary has repaired and protected the Lilly Library's rare books and manuscripts. 

Answering the call

Answering the call

The firefighters of the Bloomington Fire Department are there when you call. From defective smoke alarms to horrifying accidents, they see everything. But what do they do when the calls for help are their own?


2018 Little 500 race guide


The Little 500 is here. The Indiana Daily Student compiled a race guide with everything you need to know, including team rosters, feature stories, photos and more.


Candystripe champ


 Join the Indiana Daily Student, as we celebrate board games, by embarking on a Hoosier-themed adventure. Brave all-nighters at Wells and 8 a.m. treks through snow to prove yourself a champion as you make your way to graduation. 


The deal with Kilroy's


Kilroy’s on Kirkwood has become a staple of IU culture as iconic as taking photos at the Sample Gates.

cihomeless032918-13 copy.jpg

Temporary home


Students across the country struggle to afford housing while pursuing higher education. James Mynatt is no exception.

001_final story_funeral.jpg

The man in black


As death shakes his city and takes his friends, a funeral director finds salvation in his work.


Buss dreams big at IU


Tyra Buss has been ultra-competitive all her life, and it has propelled her to have a historic career at IU. 


Queen 'B'


IU senior forward Amanda Cahill has left a lasting legacy in her four years at IU both on and off the court.


Sueños pausados

Los niños de inmigrantes indocumentados que son traídos por sus padres a los Estados Unidos suelen pasar sus vidas buscando estabilidad. Con la revocación de DACA, muchas de las puertas a una mejor vida de estos soñadores podrían cerrarse.