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Homelessness In Bloomington

Absurd comedy comes to City Lights series

This Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant film is not only the pinnacle of Howard Hawks's directing career (which includes "His Girl Friday" and "The Big Sleep") but also the finest piece of screwball comedy, and maybe even comedy overall, ever produced in film. Grant and Hepburn are in top form, as a paleontologist and an heiress respectively, who never seem to be able to stop bumping into one another.

Immature, quirky style still works for Presidents

In the early '90s, Seattle had a horde of bands eager to take part in the grunge revolution. Appealing to a pissed-off generation, these bands sang about everything from teen spirit to school violence to black-hole suns. Then The Presidents of the United States of America came along parading kitties and peaches, a band whose anthem was "We're Not Gonna Make It."

Osborne's latest effort darker, less passionate than 'Relish'

Joan Osborne is an excellent musician. Her 1995 release Relish produced the tepid "One of Us" for radio airplay, but the rest of the album was much stronger. So her eagerly anticipated follow-up had big shoes to fill. Unfortunately, Righteous Love leaves much to be desired.

Pumpkins' last disc awesome

Virgin Records and the Smashing Pumpkins have never gotten along. But this time, the Pumpkins have the last laugh. They decided to release 25 vinyl copies of Machina II / the Friends and Enemies of Modern Music to a select group of friends and fans, encouraging mass bootlegging.

Knight's lawyer replies to Brand letter

The storytelling and name calling between the IU administration and former basketball coach Bob Knight's camp continues. Russell Yates, Knight's attorney, sent out two letters Wednesday. One was sent to the IDS, calling for IU to "immediately discontinue their campaign of misinformation that is apparently intended to publicly justify the University's firing of Coach Knight without true cause."

Council agrees to vote on skateboarding ordinance

The Bloomington Common Council agreed Wednesday night to vote on an ordinance that would prohibit activities such as skateboarding in public parking lots and garages. It will officially vote on the issue at next Wednesday's meeting.

October deadline approaches for Indiana voter registration

"Voting registration forms up front" is scrawled across the chalkboard at the front of Room 126, the main lecture hall in the chemistry building. But students and local residents who want to vote in the November 2000 elections don't have to attend a course in chemistry.

Professor named as nominee

Many people spend their entire lives working just to bring home a paycheck. Others work because they love what they do. Professor Henry Glassie, from IU's Folklore Institute, is one of those people.

Ultimate Frisbee club teams warm up with tournaments

Although their collegiate season is still about five months away, the members of the men's and women's Ultimate Frisbee clubs are already back to work, focused on honing their skills in the 'Club Ultimate' circuit and picking up new recruits.

Defensive midfielders provide basis for Hoosier attack

Men's soccer coach Jerry Yeagley said earlier this season that scouting reports on IU probably said one thing: stop midfielders Ryan Mack, a junior, and Pat Noonan, a sophomore, and you'll stop IU.

A new tactic

The United States is famous for its philosophy of valuing profits over principles, and China is famous for violating human rights. Put the two countries together and it's toxic. Something must change.

Green's chance to start snapped

Former IU quarterback Trent Green ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament during a preseason tune-up with the St. Louis Rams last year -- the same Rams group NFL MVP Kurt Warner led to the Super Bowl championship in January.

Hoosiers hope to fend off Bulldogs

The women's soccer team will face an in-state test 7 p.m. today as Butler makes the trip south from Indianapolis in a nonconference game at Bill Armstrong Stadium.

China bill ignores human rights

Once again, profits have won out over principle in Washington, D.C. The Senate voted 83-15 Sept. 19 to permanently normalize trade with China. The bill is now its way to President Bill Clinton's desk for a signature.

Local parties begin campaign season, encourage student involvement

Although election day is November 7, planning and campaigning starts well before, including in Monroe County. All three parties are urging students to pay more attention to local races. "What I find disappointing is the lack of attention local government receives," Monroe County resident and Democrat Matt Weber said. "Local officials are the ones making the decisions that affect everyday life for students in Bloomington.

Rocking the vote to sleep

In this corner, we have a smooth-talking, shady politician. And in this corner, we have ... well, another smooth-talking, shady politician. And crouched in this corner, hiding, we have one very scared voter.

Gore flip-flops on issues

All his life, positions on issues were mere campaign gestures for Al Gore. They are nothing but mere tools to get him into newspapers and political office. While Gore is indeed a Democrat and liberal, it's mostly because of political convenience and an election-year "default mode." But now former journalist Gore is finding those embarrassing paper trails -- as a candidate, Congressman and reporter -- are coming back to bite him in the rear.

Monica, please go away

Americans are no longer the true bearers of bad taste. While we have produced things such as Vanilla Ice and "Big Brother," we are now running a close second to Britain when it comes to displaying our cultural warts.

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