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Housing & Living Guide Fall 2014

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Dorm life, round 2

After freshman year, students have the option to stay in the dorms on campus or move to off campus housing.

Ten things we wish we knew before being on our own

Simply being out of your parents’ house is not the same thing as living on your own. Here’s a list of 10 things we wish someone had told us before we ditched the dorms for apartments and houses.

Porch essentials

If you’re lucky enough to have one, you better put it to good use.

Get furnished for less

Bloomington is full of places to acquire furnishings for your new house or apartment.

Web Tools

Finding the best advice about where to live, how to get cheap books for class and where to go for the best grocery prices can be a challenging task.

Couch ban

Couches, armchairs and futons are among the traditional indoor furniture banned from Bloomington front porches.

Noise laws

Regarding all reported incidents, the Bloomington Police Department abides by a triage system, meaning noise violations are prioritized by the number of officers available to respond as they come through to dispatch.

Where you can park in Btown

Throughout Bloomington, there are many options for students to park both on and off campus.

Renting the right way

Somewhere amid a muddle of leases and landlords, you are trying to figure out the logistics of renting.

Knowing legal terms

If you plan to sign a lease in Bloomington you should know a few things before putting pen to paper.

Budget breakdown

According to CNN Money, college students who graduated in 2013 had an average of $35,200 in college-related debt. This includes student loans, credit card debt and money owed to family members.

Not staying? Sublet

Whether planning to graduate early, considering traveling abroad or eyeing a great internship, IU students must first find a solution to their current housing contracts.

Managing trash

The amount of solid waste generated in Bloomington has been on the rise for years, thanks in part to population growth and economic expansion.

Living a green lifestyle

Finding ways to reduce environmental impact can be a challenge for the average college student.

Historic IU homes

The average IU student hurriedly walking to and from classes might ignore IU’s distinct and attractive architecture. Each building around campus has its own personality, but few can compare to these famous IU landmarks to the character and history.

Getting organized

Here are two common college living experiences: the dorm room and the house or apartment. Though there are obvious differences between the two, they share something in common. They can easily get messy.

Roommates: A sexless marriage

It’s unlikely your roommate planned an elaborate date to pop the question: “Will you live with me next year?”

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