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Friday, April 19
The Indiana Daily Student


Share a Coke with Herman

EDITORIAL: Share a Coke ... or else


The Student Organization Accounts office is responsible for enforcing a troubling spending restriction on student organizations and RPS staff through an arrangement with Coca-Cola.

COLUMN: Unconventional symbiosis


Columnist Griffin Leeds talks with Department of Communication and Culture Associate Instructor Cory Barker about the way Internet has affected fandom and conventions now Comic Con is concluded.


EDITORIAL: Gag me with a Spain


A widely contested and heinously problematic public security law went into effect in Spain on July 1, inciting public uproar and numerous protests — all for good reason. New restrictions of what critics are calling the ‘gag law’ include, but are not limited to: the prohibition of “unauthorized protest,” disruption of public events, the use social media to call on others to protest and the photographing and disrespecting police.

EDITORIAL: A Feast for Woes


Following the season finale of popular HBO series, Game of Thrones, the IDS Editorial Board deems the show's criticized violence is serving a grim purpose.

EDITORIAL: Glum commerce


Nick's English Pub's letter demonstrates a need for better ways for businesses to address homelessness but Boxcar Book's reaction demonstrates a missed opportunity for the civic engagement advocates to make a positive impact.



Those who challenge the validity of Indiana's new, RFRA-protected Church of Cannabis or disdain its new IRS tax-exempt status need to accept the subjectivity of religion.

EDITORIAL: The College of Abandoned Arts


While the explanation for the College of Arts and Sciences budget shortfall falls short, the lack of financial and promotional attention to our less profession-focused school is a result of cultural disinterest. 


EDITORIAL: NSA restrictions in sight


Cue the Ben Franklin quote about balancing freedom and security, the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance program is once again under scrutiny. This past week, the U.S.

Google drive?

Editorial: Google Drive?


In our lifetime and the lifetimes of those before us, self-driving vehicles have seemed like an science-fiction impossibility.


Editorial: An outbreak of ignorance and chlamydia


A high school in Texas that preaches abstinence-only sex education has found itself with a chlamydia outbreak so severe, warning notes were sent home to inform parents about the disease’s proliferation. As of Tuesday, officials in Crane Independent School District have reported 20 confirmed cases, which amounts to about 1 in 15 students.