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Empathize with the empathizing

When the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal broke, many were quick to throw their opinions and thoughts into the fray, including yours truly.

Nice girls finish last

It’s nothing surprising or new to hear that only 15 of the Fortune 500 companies are led by women CEOs.

Hong Kong's time for choosing

In what is becoming a common trend against undemocratic regimes in our changed world, protests have engulfed key parts of Hong Kong, calling for true democratic elections in the former British Colony.

My milkshake brings the boys to the frat

“Do you know what rush boobs are?” my roommate asked me the other night. She was approached by one of her guy friends who asked her if she would be willing to take a picture of her boobs with his fraternity’s letters painted on them.This appears to be

Hong Kong still matters

The People’s Republic of China has had protests against its tightening hold over Hong Kong for several days now.

Digitally commit

A new study from Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne found Facebook users who are in relationships use Facebook to stay connected with their “backups” or “back-burners.” Apparently, the study found that both men and women, on average, had romantic or sexual conversations with two people outside of their current relationship.

Jacobs School pride

Jacobs reigns again and although I couldn’t be more academically unaffected, I definitely couldn’t be more proud.The Indiana University Jacob’s School of Music was recently named to be the #1 music college in the United States by, beating out world-renowned Juilliard in New York City and multiple Ivy League institutions.

Be basic

‘Tis the season to be a basic white girl.

Modern Catholics

A year and a half into his papacy, Pope Francis has already firmly established himself as a leader who confidently and enthusiastically rocks the boat.

Playing hookie

Let’s talk Tinder; I know you use it. I know you also tell your friends that it’s only on your phone as your go-to boredom app.

Vote and party on, America

Election time is coming up once again, and big surprise, the American people aren’t happy.Fifty eight percent of U.S.

The feminist fashion fad

Ever since Emma Watson’s “He for She” speech at the U.N., the topic of feminism has been on everyone’s mind.

It's not over yet

The other day I overheard a conversation in which one of my friends said that life is just downhill from here.

Stop laughing

Laughter is a wonderful thing and life would seem quite empty without it. We need our regular

Amazon's smash hit

Amazon’s not just for buying ten-pound bags of diarrheal gummy bears anymore.It’s new show “Transparent,” starring Jeffrey Tambor of “Arrested Development” as Maura, a male-to-female transgender woman, proves that it’s finally a top contender in the realm of video streaming services.

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