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UNC failed its students

A report titled the "Wainstein Report" uncovered 18 ears of fraudulent courses at the University of North Carolina when it was released in late October.

Be a man

This year, more frightening things than collections of creepy photos and Buzzfeed lists of the 20 Most Haunted Places in Wherever were circling the Internet.

Fear not

There are a lot of things you could be scared about this coming Halloween.Ebola is spreading.

Religious conversation needs to be accessible

While the Veritas Forum this past Tuesday was quite an intriguing and interesting event, I believe that the entire discussion was largely lacking in accessibility to a common audience.

Live mas

It’s 2 a.m.

The wonders of IU

Ordinarily, I look out into the world for inspiration: local, national and international current events, controversies and culture compel me to start a conversation among students and citizens in Bloomington that encourages us to see ourselves in the context of the larger global picture. However, this week, I find myself most captivated by the incredible things happening right here at home.

Reevaluating our ethical values

As we’re approaching Halloween, it’s no surprise that there has been some recent controversy over the issue of costumes.

Improve trans policies

In the interest of full disclosure, it is important that I am forefront about the fact that I am an Indiana University Student Association Congressman and that my views are not necessarily representative of IUSA or associated groups.In the past month or so, I have introduced two resolutions to help transgender students across our campus.

INDOT, do your job

A recent article in the IDS by Brian Seymour about Pamela Davidson, a local Democrat, who took down signs that urged people to vote Republican got me thinking: where did all these signs come from?

Solving nature's rubix cube

Well ladies, looks like you can never orgasm.Or at least, according to a Yale study published in January of this year.

That blood is pretty gay

By donating blood you can save someone’s life, or someone can save yours.There is a list of rules and regulations to determine eligibility to donate blood.

Who is Tom Steyer?

Environmental concerns are crucial here at IU, but it appears that some people’s efforts are rewarded far more than others.

Talking fat

“Does she already know that she’s fat, or do one of us have to tell her?”I overheard it next to me in a restaurant.

The exorcism of Latoya Ammons

I don’t know about children, but the number one thing scaring college students stiff these days are ethnically or culturally indicative costumes.

Whats with Renee?

Breaking news struck the country last week, shocking millions, sparking a frenzy of media coverage.

Doing what's right

I recently finished a fine book on World War II. It is called the "Deadly Embrace," by Robert J. Mazrek.

When the unexpected happens

As college students, we pretty much believe we are invincible, even untouchable. We allow ourselves to get comfortable and cozy under that cream-and-crimson-colored blanket that shelters us from the outside world.

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