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Allyson Mcbride

Students to pay fees for on-campus banking

There are about seven fewer lines to wait in right now, and students aren't happy. Bank One's Automated Teller Machine's have disappeared from the Main Library, the Indiana Memorial Union and the residence halls.

Military enlistment increases in recent years

By listening to Lt. Col. Walter Pollard of the IU Military Science Department, one is apt to find a statement echoed by many armed forces personnel and statistics. "There had been a decline in the number of recruits in the past five years, but then we've been on the upswing," Pollard said.

Purdue has high hopes

Before the season began and Purdue disposed of Central Michigan last Saturday by a 48-0 count, Boilermaker coach Joe Tiller outlined the central key to any success Purdue will have this year. Not surprisingly, it involves quarterback Drew Brees.

Study analyzes sports fantasy leagues

Sports fantasy leagues have emerged as another popular marketing tool for professional sports teams and the media organizations that provide team coverage. Ever wonder who else is playing and why they play?

Students use Web site to get involved with politics

As students return to school and election season nears its peak, hundreds of young Americans are launching a grassroots campaign called The new campaign uses the Internet to give young people a voice in shaping the laws that affect everyone.

New program offers partying alternatives

Loud music, dancing and beer in the hands of underage students are the essence of a college party, as many know. But this will no longer be true of fraternity parties. This year, the greek system is adopting the Responsible Alcohol Management Program in hopes of eliminating underage drinking at fraternity functions.

Alpha Sig eviction effective yesterday

The members of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity moved out of their house Tuesday. A week ago, they had received an unexpected eviction notice from their national headquarters. The fraternity was in the reinstatement process when they received the eviction notice. Alpha Sigma Phi will be going through reorganization, and the current members will be given alumni status.

Bush has rally in Indy today

Texas Gov. George W. Bush will speak at a public rally at 12:15 p.m. today in Indianapolis at the Indianapolis International Airport's Aviation Technology Center.

Basketball team gains an assistant

Former Ohio State University assistant coach Les Fertig has joined the IU basketball coaching staff as an administrative assistant. Fertig arrived on campus Monday and was in Assembly Hall teaching the coaching basketball class Tuesday morning. He will spend the rest of the week moving from Columbus to Bloomington and assume his duties Sept. 12.

'Monday Night Raw' gets physical

In front of a sold out crowd of 15,000 fans in Lexington, Ky., Triple H, who was allegedly "arrested" on the UPN Smackdown last Thursday, made his way to the ring with his "wife" Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Triple H told the crowd he would not leave the squared circle until he got some answers as to who called the "police," leading to his arrest for allegedly hitting Stephanie.

IDS Listening Tour

Well everyone, it's about that time again. You know, the time for us editors to leave the confines of Ernie Pyle Hall and venture into the wilds of this Bloomington campus. Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about. It's the IDS Listening Tour.

Around the Arts

Indiana Dance Theater will hold auditions for its 2000-2001 season from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, at the Monroe County YMCA, 2125 S. Highland Ave. The audition will include ballet, modern and jazz. Those interested are encouraged to bring their resume of dance training and experience. For more information, contact Diane Weidenbener at 335-1472.

MTV proves shallowness once again

Editor's Note: Martin Tsai, esteemed film critic, only claims to dislike Britney Spears and *NSYNC. But we know his deep, dark secrets. We know about all the posters and photo collages he keeps in his room. We even know what he did last summer.

Dissent: Stand proud Bob, we're behind you

Bob Knight is certainly not the most persecuted man in all of history. He could hardly be compared with Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. or Jesus. But the crazed jackals of the media seem to find it appropriate to feed on the salty blood of the wounded whenever a public figure falls. They're more concerned with the circulation and ratings that cheap tabloid sensationalism brings than with actual newsworthiness.

'The General' orders retreat

Coach Bob Knight, entering his 30th season at IU, has lived in the spotlight and been the center of enormous media exposure. Whether it was winning three NCAA championships or throwing a chair during a game against Purdue, Knight has become arguably the most noteworthy college basketball coach.


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