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Allyson Mcbride

Freshman alleges Knight assault

Coach Bob Knight never stops teaching. He said that's exactly what he was doing when he grabbed freshman Kent Harvey's right arm about 2 p.m. Thursday in Assembly Hall. Harvey's stepfather, Mark Shaw, said the incident was more than a lesson in manners - it was a unwarranted assault.

Marquee matchups dominate men's soccer

That chill in the morning air signals only one thing -- that's right sports fans, it's time for fall. Soon the leaves will start changing colors, wardrobes will get a little heavier and college sports football fans everywhere will rejoice when their favorite teams take the field against big-name opponents.

Hoosiers look toward defense for weekend win

The Hoosiers (3-0) open a two-game homestand this weekend Friday, when they take on San Diego State (2-2) and finish the weekend Sunday against the Aggies of Utah State (0-2).

Goalkeeper must improve intensity to lead team

While senior T.J. Hannig can count his career losses on one hand, numbers can't measure the intensity and confidence coach Jerry Yeagley said Hannig must have to lead the men's soccer team to success.

Soccer falls twice during Classic

The awards had been given out. The stands had emptied. The interviews had been done. And here at midfield Saturday night, two players remained.

Kicker could do double duty

Senior kicker Andy Payne wears two different shoe sizes. On his right foot he wears a size nine. On his left foot Payne wears a size 11. The smaller shoe happens to be on Payne's kicking foot.

RPS not keeping students in mind

There is one fact everyone on this campus can attest to -- college students have erratic schedules. Yet time and time again, Residential Programs and Services has seemingly ignored this fact in its practices. Just when dorm residents thought they'd achieved some flexibility with the meal plan, RPS changed the hours at its food courts again. Yes, Wright is still open until midnight, but most of the restaurants there now close at 8 p.m., leaving few choices by midnight. And that is only one example.

Talking back to bike thieves

I have been violated. That's right, I have been the victim of a bike theft. True, I was 12 years old when this heinous crime occurred, but the wound is still fresh.

Africa must heal internal problems

Bravo to the world leaders of the United Nations Millennium Summit who called for a renewed commitment to bringing hope and stability to Africa. They've taken the first step. The society and culture of Africa is largely unknown to many of us because we only hear about the wars, famine, economic struggles and AIDS epidemic.

It's about time we play some football

Blah, blah, blah, blah… All talk and no play makes Scotty a dull boy. The truth is I was supposed to write a column earlier in the week, but I told the editor I had nothing more to say about Saturday's game.

President's Corner

Traditionally, IU's president discusses the broad range of opportunities and challenges facing IU in his State of the University address. In this year's speech, which I will give at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Frangipani Room at the Indiana Memorial Union, I plan to break with that tradition. I will instead focus on one issue of utmost importance to this campus, this University and this nation: the future of the arts and humanities.

Offense boasts four new players

No position on the football team might have benefited more from the Hoosiers' 11-day training camp in Marshall, Ind., than the offensive line.

BPD blotter

Police responded to the 900 block of West Seventh Street Wednesday on a public disturbance call to find two men fighting, police said.

College Republicans get involved

Ask Republican strategists for their pick of the most crucial battleground in this year's elections, and they might not give Bloomington ' a college town with a strong-voiced liberal sector ' as their first answer.

Union Board president makes a difference

Walking through hordes of people, whose faces all blur together, students make their way through campus and arrive at intended destinations ' unaware of who or what they have passed.

Support group geared toward grad students

The dissertation: It arrives at the end of every graduate student's curriculum and separates the potential doctoral students from the students who are considered "A.B.D." ' all but dissertation. It is a grueling, lengthy assignment that leaves little to no time for extra-curricular activities, let alone any free time at all. Alli Glore, a graduate student, talks about the time restraints and responsibility it takes to commit to this frustrating task.

Students move out of lounges

As the third week of the school year approaches, students who previously did not have room assignments are finally being placed in rooms. While learning to adjust to school in the first few weeks is often hard and stressful for freshmen, moving into another dorm after getting settled can add pressure.

Blue Moon Revue to play at City Grill

Blending funk with southern rock, the Blue Moon Revue will play at 10 p.m. Friday at the City Grille, 216 S. College Ave. The cover charge is $3.

Asian film series begins

The East Asian Studies Center is sponsoring a series of films. Admission is free to see films from Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, which will be shown at 7:15 tonight in Fine Arts 102.

Team travels to Maryland, competes in classic

The men's soccer team opened the 2000 season with as tough a schedule as anybody, losing to top-5 teams Portland and UCLA in its first two games. As strange as it may sound, the Hoosiers' next two games may be tougher than the first.


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