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Allyson Mcbride

Don't Watch

Some people were led to believe from the trailer that Keanu Reeves could actually be decent as the strangling serial killer in "The Watcher." Too bad they were wrong. This movie is so predictable viewers will be wondering where their two hours went, and not the least bit scared.

Knight returns to end campus riots

Sunday began with chants of "We want Bobby," continued with broken lamp posts, burning public figures in effigy and police in riot gear, and ended after midnight with coach Bob Knight telling Assembly Hall protestors to go home.

Details of Knight address

Former basketball coach Bob Knight will arrive at 6 p.m. today at Dunn Meadow. Knight will not be introduced but will take the podium as soon as he arrives.


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Knight rally at Nick's fizzles

It was nothing compared to Sunday's riots. No burned effigies of Myles Brand, no fish uprooted from Showalter Fountain, no police in riot gear.

Fellow coaches weigh in on Knight's future

Pure. Sensitive. Genius. It only took a few seconds for former Hoosier star Isiah Thomas to narrow Bob Knight down to those three words. Now Thomas wants those characteristics working for him and the Indiana Pacers.

Faculty Council, Brand discuss Knight

IU President Myles Brand made one of his first appearances on the Bloomington campus Tuesday since Sunday's firing of former basketball coach Bob Knight. Brand presided over the University Faculty Council's first meeting of the semester.

Fife, Moye to stay

Junior guard Dane Fife spent Monday night at a Bloomington comedy club. While he was sitting in the audience, the onstage comedian pleaded for Fife to stay at IU. The students in attendance then started cheering for Fife, who announced early in the day he was transferring from IU because of Bob Knight's removal as basketball coach.

Knight speaks out to ESPN

Bob Knight said that if he had taken a year to go out and find a place ideal for himself, he could not find a better place than Bloomington. He's uncovered the best hunting and fishing spots in the area. He also said the best crowds in the country are found in Assembly Hall. And certainly, the city is home to a few of his closest friends.

Davis named interim coach

At 4:10 p.m. Tuesday, the turmoil surrounding the IU basketball team ended when Mike Davis was named interim head coach by athletics director Clarence Doninger. John Treloar was named interim associate head coach.

'The General' speaks about the much-celebrated 1970s

When Bob Knight came to interview for the position as head coach at IU, he only needed 15 minutes with athletics director Ed Cady to outline what would be the platform for his next 29 years. He wanted Cady to know how he would stress defense, something the fans weren't used to. He wanted no interference with the way he ran the program. And he wanted Cady to know what kind of kids he was looking to recruit: talented and committed ones. Knight got the job.

Cameron fined $10,000 for remarks

Football coach Cam Cameron was fined $10,000 by the Big Ten office Tuesday for remarks directed at officials after Saturday's loss to North Carolina State. The fine will be taken from IU's share of network TV money. Cameron apologized to both the media and IU fans Tuesday at his weekly news conference.

Campus parking continues to pose a problem

The problem of parking at IU has never ceased to be the No. 1 complaint from students and Bloomington residents. Many people stare in envy at a car with an A or C permit, while lowly dorm dwellers' mouths water for a D permit.

Student Web site open for business

At, a student-run Web site that opened Aug. 15, students are given the chance to buy and sell textbooks, CDs, sports equipment, tickets, cars and a list of other items.

Students explore history, gender issues with the help of video games

The syllabus includes Frogger, Pac-Man and Nintendo, but it isn't a blow-off class. F401 "Simulation and Gaming" offered by the School of Education offers students the chance to integrate playing games they love with a more in-depth analysis of those games.

Program helps students find majors

Many students come to IU with a good idea of what major they want to pursue, but for others, this decision is not so easy.

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