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Allyson Mcbride

Ask the Sexpert: Toys

Dear Sexpert, Do you have any suggestions for cheap "toy substitutes" that can be found around the house, and which would keep my mom from learning too much about my sex life? Hands Are Tied

Libertarians: 'the Unparty'

Why should you vote for Libertarians this year? Libertarians will treat you like an adult. Republicans want to be your father. Democrats want to be your mother. Greens want to be your bossy stepmother. Libertarians just want to be your neighbor.

RPS has limits

For some reason, the University cannot make a meal plan work. Instead of working against Residential Programs and Services by protesting changes that are only a possibility at this point, students should work with RPS to figure out why the system isn't working.

Nader, Green Party support workers, unions

If you care about basic human rights in the workplace and the rights of working Americans to a dignified existence, then you're already a better person than George W. Bush and Al Gore. But government, the media and other institutions keep telling us to pick between only two options, Democrat or Republican. This is tragic if you value democracy, because more and more, these two options agree with each other on a host of issues.

Natural Law Party offers new perspective

The Natural Law Party and its independent coalition are fielding four candidates in Indiana -- John Hagelin and Nat Goldhaber at the presidential and vice presidential levels, and myself and Richard A. Crawford for governor and lieutenant governor. You can vote for all four by requesting a paper ballot at your polling site.

New research facility a good investment

I would like to remind the IDS staff that the primary purpose of a University is to educate its students. The conditions in the existing science buildings hinder the pursuit of education in the sciences. I cannot understand why the IDS criticizes IU President Myles Brand for making it a priority to build a building that would rectify this pressing and most distressing problem.

Pro-life mailing accomplished its goal

I would like to respond to Jonathon Schuster's letter ("Pro-life mailing offends students," Oct. 17) by informing him that he missed the entire idea motivating the distribution of the pro-life pamphlet that was mailed to students on campus. The so-called "horrific picture of a dead fetus" was not meant to be a pleasant sight -- it was supposed to be disturbing.

Picture showed truth of helpless child

I'm writing in response to the letter "Pro-life mailing offends students" (Oct. 17). What is the difference between that mailing and other mailings, television commercials or all the information written on the sidewalks of the IU campus? Nobody is required to look at them or read them.

Faculty should not fear administration

I was just directed to the article in the Oct. 16 issue of the IDS that discusses the petition that calls for the resignation of the board of trustees of Indiana University as well as Myles Brand, Christopher Simpson and Clarence Doninger ("Alumni draft petition").

Browne not swayed by corporations

I whole-heartedly agree with Nate Wolf when he says that a vote for a third party candidate is not a vote wasted ("A vote for Nader is a vote for change," Oct. 17). Not only do popular third party positions help influence both major parties, but voting for someone you actually believe in has some merit in itself.

Newspapers give advertisers good press

Brian Hartz's column in the IDS regarding newspapers giving good press to advertisers certainly rang a bell ("Selling out or just the facts?" Oct. 17). During the 1990s I was a general manager of a company that had more than 30 restaurants and brewpubs in the Pacific Northwest. At that time we did not buy advertising from either of the two biggest newspapers. It mystified me that, in spite of our obvious success, we were rarely mentioned by either newspaper. In fact, less successful competitors were regularly given positive press.

Gore, Bush have clear differences

While I certainly think third-party candidates are a good thing to have in any presidential election because they offer yet another alternative, it is dangerous for Ralph Nader and his supporters to say there are no significant differences between Al Gore and George W. Bush.

Wells started many great traditions

A new Indiana University tradition began Saturday. The tradition honors the enduring legacy of a man who has done so much for IU and for many people who have never passed through the Sample Gates. He was a regular at Assembly Hall, but not as coach. He frequented the Musical Arts Center, yet had a personal fondness for marching band and the MAC's unnamed benefactor, Hoagy Carmichael.

Gore's current view decidedly liberal

Oh, how fun it must be, living in the Nader dream world. What, if anything, was Duncan Mitchel trying to claim in his column, "Gore more conservative than he shows" (Oct. 19)? What, that he can lie like Al Gore?

Nominees meet for final faceoff in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS -- As the two main presidential contenders fought for the respect of 280 million potential voters, each knew that every vote counts if they want to ascend to the Oval Office. Texas Gov. George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore squared off in Washington University's newly transformed "town hall" for what amounted to be a debate that was more exciting and original in style than substance.

Defense spending a hot topic

Right now U.S. military units are stationed all over the world. For eight years, the Clinton administration has stationed American soldiers throughout the world and used military force in "humanitarian" missions, like interventions in Kosovo, Haiti and Somalia.

Last debate for 'Bloody Eighth' district canceled

The last debate between candidates for Indiana's 8th congressional district, which was to be held Wednesday at the University of Evansville, was postponed by incumbent Congressman John Hostettler R-8th, because of a congressional session expected to last well into this week.

Clinton addresses economy, crime

INDIANAPOLIS -- At a rally for Congresswoman Julia Carson (D-10th) Saturday, President Bill Clinton addressed the need for Democrats to recruit voters.

Ceremony honors IU Foundation

An audience of about 100 people came together at 1:30 p.m. Friday to celebrate the rededication of the IU Foundation's home, Showalter House and sat captivated by the clear soprano melody filling the air.

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