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Allyson Mcbride

Take Back IU has real concerns

The Take Back IU petition is a serious step in cleaning up the University. While petitions often have little effect, Take Back IU sends a message. IU's academic standings are declining even as tuition rises. The quality of life in campus housing is in decline. And the firing of Bob Knight was under suspicious terms. These circumstances point to the administration.

A war of words

As November approaches and Al "Let me tell you one more 'true story'" Gore and George "Did ya know that Texas is a big state?" Bush's camps continue to throw verbal spitballs across the political cafeteria, two terms have been thrown in my face on a daily basis. These two phrases, charged with emotional, religious and political energy, are by no means new to my ears.

Either speak up or shut up

Change. Here is a pledge that I make to you "if you don't like it, then change it." The last couple weeks, I have been racking my brain trying to come up with an article for the elections, a piece that would encourage students to participate in the election process or more importantly to get the students to vote. It wasn't until last Friday did I find the direction for my election column: Either speak up or shut up.

Life in the newsroom

Like a 42 point headline, I was splashed across the screen, staring back at myself. I caught NBC's "Deadline," which stars Oliver Platt as the gritty, rabble-rousing star columnist of the New York Ledger, a tabloid presumably modeled after The New York Times.

Bloody Battle

While running for his fourth term as the 8th District Congressional Representative, John Hostettler is relying on his voting record to distinguish him from novice Democratic challenger, Dr. Paul Perry. But in a district with the nationally recognized moniker, "The Bloody Eighth," he also knows resting on one's laurels isn't always enough to ensure victory.

Third-party candidates maintain low profile campaigns

While the Democrats and Republicans battle each other for control of Congress, third-party candidates across the nation are running scaled-down campaigns to increase their profile in what some call an exclusionary two-party system. Indiana's 8th district is no exception, as Libertarian and Green Party candidates vie for a piece of the electoral pie in Southwestern Indiana. Libertarian Thomas Tindle and Green write-in candidate Marc Haggerty are running campaigns based largely on the hope of voter frustration with the traditional political parties.

Perry says medical experience has ties to many important issues

If a Democratic challenger runs against an incumbent Republican congressman in a historically right-leaning district, the one thing he can't do is stay quiet. Dr. Paul Perry, who is seeking to unseat Republican John Hostettler from his House position, is sticking to that strategy in hopes of bringing the Democratic Party back to the 8th District.

The perplexing paradox of peas

When I was growing up in the San Francisco Bay area, I spent many spring weekends with my friend Gigi down at Half Moon Bay. There, about an hour south of San Francisco, her grandparents owned a small farm nestled between the craggy coastline and purple hills. The farm was kinder-heaven, replete with endless hiding places, ponies, pie-laden kitchen windowsills and an expansive jungle of a vegetable garden.

ELF discrediting environmentalism

The series of events is telling. Jan. 23: Fire destroyed a home under construction in the Lake Monroe watershed. April 30: Equipment used for the Indiana 46/47 bypass project was sabotaged. June 30: Ten-inch spikes were driven into trees scheduled for logging. Sept. 9: The Republican headquarters in Bloomington was set on fire. Oct. 18: Fuel and hydraulic lines were cut, sand was poured in gas tanks, crankcases and other logging equipment was damaged.

Predicament of the pill

It only takes a few doctor's appointments and a couple glasses of water. But the implications of the abortion pill might be much more difficult to swallow.

Former soccer star finds success in professional league

Nick Garcia misses the color of changing leaves in autumn, Malibu Grill and eating "Big Ten" pizza specials in Bloomington. He left behind his senior year at IU to play professional soccer, two years from earning a legal studies degree.

Randle El honored as player of week

Junior quarterback Antwaan Randle El reached a few milestones earlier this season, and this week he's receiving another award for his already stuffed trophy case. Tuesday, for the fifth time in 29 games, Randle El was named the Big Ten's Offensive Player of the Week. Monday, he received national player of the week honors from CNN/SI. He was also one of two players mentioned as a Heisman candidate "on fire" in Monday's USA Today.

No one can predict election, not even polls

In the final weeks of presidential campaigning, Texas Gov. George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore are splitting hairs in the polls. Five national polling organizations have reported Bush would win by 2 percent of the popular vote if the election were held Oct. 22. But Bush lost his lead in the Gallup poll Tuesday at 45 to 46 percent in Gore's favor. Bush had been leading Gore in the Gallup Poll by more than a 4 percent margin of error since Oct. 17. Journalism professor David Weaver, who studies polling, said he wouldn't bet that the polls will accurately predict the next president of the United States.

Science pitted against religion

How would a scientist and teacher react if he were asked to teach that oxygen and hydrogen fused to form water by the will of God, and not because of a chemical reaction?

Local theater receives grant, avoids closing

The Buskirk-Chumley Theatre is deeply in the red. But things seem to be on the upswing. The publicly funded Indiana Arts Commission has extended $68,000 in grant money it had previously withheld, citing the absence of a financial plan. The money will cover operating expenses.

Randle El continues to impress

Defensive tackle Paul Mandina, a fifth-year senior, has witnessed many players passing through the IU football program since he arrived in Bloomington, but none like junior quarterback Antwaan Randle El.

Sophomore outside hitter keeps positive attitude despite loss

The volleyball team is on a two-game losing streak after dropping matches to conference foes Penn State and Ohio State. The Hoosiers (12-8, 3-7 in conference play) are tied for seventh in the Big Ten with Michigan, heading into a game with Michigan State Friday.

Green could be money

The chaos has begun. The team nobody could figure out is now scratching its head. Fans across the country have rediscovered hope that their team's championship chances have increased with what has recently occurred with the St. Louis Rams.

New WWF champion emerges

This week's episode of Monday Night Raw was pleasing to the fans in Hartford, Conn., thanks to the spillover of matches from Sunday's pay-per-view, "No Mercy." A new WWF champion fought, and Stone Cold Steve Austin continued to raise hell.

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