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Allyson Mcbride

Candidates use talk shows to reach voters

Few celebrities can manage to secure appearances on Oprah, Regis, Letterman, Leno, Rosie and Saturday Night Live all in one month. Despite all odds, presidential front runners have joined the ranks of those lucky few.

E-mail undergoes face-lift

A new Web-based e-mail system the University is testing could move students out of the 1980s and into the new millennium, providing a more convenient way to check e-mail.

Goalie glad to be back in Indiana

Charlie Pulley is the only transfer goalie for the hockey team, fighting for playing time against three seasoned Hoosier veterans. He is the only sophomore competing against three seniors. He also started the Hoosiers' first game this season.

Standout's career winding down

Senior outside hitter Amanda Welter is an imposing figure. At 6-foot-3, with sturdy shoulders and a hammer for an arm, she is big. But she's also good. Her statistics reflect her physical stature: 1,022 career kills, a .273 career hitting percentage and back-to-back appearances in the NCAA Tournament.

Running back returns to mix

Saturday, Levron Williams wanted to make a statement. The Hoosiers' junior running back was returning from nagging injuries that limited his play in the previous two games. In the third quarter of the Hoosiers' 51-43 win against then-No. 22 Minnesota, Williams got his chance. With his team trailing 29-24 toward the end of the third quarter, Williams took a pitch from junior quarterback Antwaan Randle El and scampered 36 yards down the sideline for his second touchdown of the game.

\'Gideon's Crossing\'

"Gideon's Crossing" is a testament to terrific acting and scripts that exemplify the human spirit. Led by the amazing Andre Braugher ("Homicide") as Dr. Ben Gideon, the show centers around a teaching hospital and the patients who grace its doors.

\'That '70s Show\'

One of the most highly underrated shows on television, "That '70s Show" is back for its third season, and it is funnier than ever. Set in suburban Wisconsin, the show centers around the Forman household and son Eric's five friends growing up and dealing with drugs, parents, sex and life -- often with hilarious results.

Indy band\'s new release an assault on the senses

Indianapolis' Burn it Down is now unarguably the biggest "local" band happening in the state. The band is doing its first full U.S. tour this fall with metal giants In Flames and plans to tour Europe and Japan next year.


"Felicity" is back, complete with a full head of hair. For those who don't know, "Felicity" was almost cut from the TV lineup last year because she cut her hair. Gah, how superficial are these viewers? Well, it really did look pretty bad.

Pearl Jam live albums capture atmosphere of concerts

On what is a first for the music industry, mega-rockers Pearl Jam released 25 live albums on the same day, chronicling every show from its summer European tour, except for the tragic show at Roskilde, where nine people were killed in the crush of the crowd. While not expected to be major sellers, the band planned the release to combat massive bootlegging of poor quality recordings.

Latin ska band eclectic

\"Rude boy thing with a Latino style" makes a champion sound, according to Latin ska band King Changó. Its self-description pinpoints the strength of ska super-fusion on The Return of El Santo. The mostly Spanish language album uses elements from ska, banda, drum 'n' bass and electronica, along with other Caribbean and Spanish influences.

Farewell to the Machine

They were different. They were innovative, intelligent and active. But, most of all, they were different. Zach de la Rocha announced his split from Rage Against the Machine last Wednesday, to the extreme disappointment of fans. Zach said he was frustrated with the group's "decision-making process" which interfered with RATM's political and artistic desires.

'Monday Night Football'

It almost seems as if the game is a secondary concern on Monday Night Football this season. Dwindling ratings prompted producer Don Ohlmeyer to overhaul "ABC Monday Night Football's" announcing crew. There hasn't been a significant change in ratings after eight weeks, but the show does have a different feel to it.

'Girlfight' deserves praise

Sundance winner for "Grand Jury Prize" and "Best Director" as well as Cannes winner for "International Young Cinema Award," it's no surprise that Karyn Kusama's "Girlfight" turns out to be one of the best American films this year. The biggest achievement of Kusama's directorial debut is the fact that the film is so genuine and affecting despite some really generic plot elements (for example, "Love & Basketball" meets "Rocky" and "Raging Bull"). The film also boasts an Oscar-worthy screen debut of Michelle Rodriguez.


As was the case last season, "Angel" continues to be the more creative and cohesive than sister show "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer." While series creator Joss Whedon is constantly finding himself at loose ends with Buffy's plots and characters, he seems to revel in the slightly darker L.A. atmosphere of "Angel."

Hip-hop album re-release much improved from original

The Bay Area collective, known as Anticon, has recently been blowing up in the "underground" world of hip-hop. The crew, comprised of artists from all over the United States and Canada, has been led by the thriving determination of its leading man, Tim Holland. Known as "Sole" to his fans, Tim has recently dropped his first LP for Anticon, entitled Bottle of Humans.


If anything, it's great that "C.S.I." answers at least one burning TV question: Where the heck did Gina, the Secret Service agent on last season's "West Wing," get off to? Her portrayer, Jorjan Fox, now toils on "C.S.I." as crime scene investigator (hence the title) Sara Sidel.

Ritual or Treat?

The mother's motions are delicate and graceful as she picks up a can of carrots from an aisle in Kroger. Her curly brown hair twirls and springs off her shoulders encompassing her small round face with big brown eyes that mesmerize every passerby. The daughter wears a flowing ankle-length blue flowered skirt with a white T-shirt and short blonde hair. Her eyes sink into her face, and her thin crimson lips rarely speak.

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