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Allyson Mcbride

Penning a Pulitzer

He had been passed over twice before. Passed over twice and arguably cheated on the last occasion. But the moment of truth again loomed, casting its daunting shadow. His stomach was tied in knots. He just had to get out of the office, away from his colleagues, their expectant looks and good-natured well-wishing. He had finished his work for the day, a cartoon depicting two college students passing a horde of sweatshop protesters. "My econ prof says exploiting labor is what made America great," reads the captioned dialogue.

Cell phones pose driving threat

Starting Jan. 1, residents in New York's Suffolk County who are caught using a cell phone while driving will face a $150 fine. Towns in Ohio and Pennsylvania already ban cell phone use while driving, and similar measures have been enacted in Israel, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Switzerland and Great Britain.

Why I am sober

People often give me strange looks when I tell them I don't drink alcohol. It's a stare of disbelief that always leads to the question, "Why not?"

Food for electoral thoughts

Election Day is approaching, and despite what people say, Election 2000 will mean significant changes. The economy has taken away vital issues from the parties, but differences still exist.

Tax-free textbooks can be reality

Contrary to claims made in the Oct. 19 IDS staff editorial, "Tax-free books lofty goal for IUSA," tax-free textbooks can be a reality. Substantial progress has been made, and IUSA's campaign to eliminate the tax on textbooks will be successful if students support our efforts.

GOP prepares last-ditch efforts

Monday night College Republicans veered from the rallying tone of most of their meetings to listen to the story of one of their own. In her introduction, President Anne Scuffham, a junior, made a final plea for each person in the audience to send one more "Vote for Bush" postcard and sign up for the last phone bank slots at Monroe County Republican headquarters.

Speaker to discuss Polish Catholicism

Thursday the Polish Studies Center will sponsor a lecture, "The Search for Catholic Modernity: Anti-Semitism and the Boundaries of Catholic Discourse in Poland" at 7 p.m. in Woodburn Hall Room 111. Brian Porter, associate professor of history at the University of Michigan, will deliver the lecture.

Job fair informs students

Instead of sitting in a library flipping through dusty books or searching the Internet to find jobs, students were able to meet with company representatives in person Wednesday afternoon at the Arts and Sciences Placement Office's ninth annual social service and nonprofit job fair in Alumni Hall.

'IDS' editor to be chosen

Candidates for the spring semester IDS editor in chief will be interviewed publicly at 1 p.m. today in the Indiana Memorial Union's Oak Room. Junior Bryan Harris, senior Brooke Ruivivar and junior Kara Salge will speak before the publications board.

Dorm room searches might result in prizes

Starting Monday, Residential Programs and Services directors, students and Residence Halls Association members will inspect dorm rooms all over campus. But there's no need to panic: if they're coming to your room, you already know it.

Socko whips up Bluebird crowd

Megaman never stopped dancing, and twister wouldn't leave the club. Despite being eliminated early from the costume contest, the pair made up for what was lacking in fashion sense with enthusiasm. They danced, jumped and screamed in support of ska band Johnny Socko, a local favorite. Socko, who played a great show Halloween night at the Bluebird, was celebrating its 10th anniversary as a band.

Union Board stages musical at Buskirk-Chumley

Last year, the Union Board Fine Arts committee brought the student production of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" to the Bloomington community. Based on this production's success, the committee decided to try again this semester, with a staging of the musical "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas."

A high price for concert variety

It wasn't long ago that college students who shelled out hard cash to go to school could at least look forward to cheap campus concerts that wouldn't make them choose between seeing their favorite band and buying groceries for the week. Legend has it these concerts would have set a student back no more than $10 or $15.

Dylan to play at IU tonight

Since he emerged from Greenwich Village in the 1960s his voice has been as craggy as his appearance disheveled.

Campus groups prepare to debate

The Presidential debates ended two weeks ago, but campus political groups have one more chance to go head-to-head.

Libertarians rally support in Indianapolis

Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne and other libertarian candidates at local, state and national levels rallied at Indianapolis' Adam's Mark Hotel Monday. Five hundred attended, and roughly one-third acknowledged the rally as their first Libertarian event.

Presidential election could influence Supreme Court as well

With the public accustomed to the usual campaign politics of candidates running in the executive and legislative branches of government, many are paying attention to the possibility of changes in the judicial branch.

IUSA seeks to limit construction

The IU Student Association adopted a resolution Oct. 12 to recommend a morning time limit for construction on IU's campus.

Trick or Treat visits N. Jordan Avenue

Ghosts, firemen and princesses traveled to greek houses along North Jordan Avenue from 6-8 p.m. Monday night for the Safe Halloween program sponsored by greek organizations on campus. "I think it was a huge success," said sophomore Lauren Davis, an Alpha Gamma Delta member. "There were a ton of kids out there. It was really great to see so many kids."

Student groups co-sponsor symposium

The Everest Organization, a new student group, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor and Vice President for Student Development and Diversity are co-sponsoring a symposium on diversity issues in the upcoming presidential election from 7-9 p.m. tonight in Whittenberger Auditorium. The event will be facilitated by law Professor Kevin Brown.

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