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Allyson Mcbride

Campus Foundations

There is a point to architecture. It is sturdy and strong. Amid the changing world, architecture remains. At IU we have lost Herman B Wells and most recently Bobby Knight. But one thing has not changed: our buildings. They're the same as they ever were.

When the dead walk the earth

Ever mutter, even under your breath, "Nobody knows I exist?" Well, Lal Behari could write a book on the topic. Some people spend their days living their life to the fullest, but our friend Behari, who lives in India, spent the last 18 years campaigning to prove he's not dead.

Even dorks have to get their fix

For many a single and soon-to-be-single young and slightly dorky man, last Thursday was a historic date. No, some third-world regime wasn't overthrown, and no major/beneficial legislation reached our Supreme Court. Thursday saw the launch of the highly anticipated Playstation 2 game system, and luckily enough for me, my roommate happened to procure one.

Closing the chapter on adolescent angst

It all started back in 1993. I remember watching MTV and seeing this funky multi-colored swirl of a video come on. The soaring high-pitched guitars matched the high-pitched vocals of the lead singer. "What the hell is this?" I remember thinking to myself. That was my introduction to the Smashing Pumpkins.

IUSA needs to show leadership

The IU Student Association has an ambitious legislative agenda this fall -- clocks and pencil sharpeners.

'Titans': Spawn of Satan

I think I know how NBC's new prime time soap opera, "Titans," (8 p.m. Wednesday) came to be. God was having a nice chat with Satan when the conversation turned to one of Lucifer's most diabolical creations: Soap operas. Then God asked the Devil, "Do you know Jeff Schogol?" "The TV columnist?" Mephistopheles asked.

\'Beau travail\' has a certain \'Je ne sais quoi\'

In the strobe-lit, mirror-endowed empty corner of a discotheque, the pieces of a man's existence crash to the ground one by one in the calculated chaos of his dance moves that accompany Corona's techno-pop work "Rhythm of the Night." All the stagnant conformity of the French Foreign Legion life he has led has been peeled away to reveal the inner insanity of his loneliness.

Bush travels to enemy territory

The tightest election in years. Polls have consistently put Bush on top, but the numbers are still within the margin of error. 153 undecided electoral votes. Republican Presidential candidate Gov. George Bush has six days to get those final votes in and come out on top. Bush will be traveling through many states, and running campaign commercials on major networks.

Gore to speak in Chicago today

Five days. One hundred twenty precious hours and counting until E-Day, when the marathon of presidential campaigning will end at the ballot boxes. In the little time before the elections, Texas Gov. George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore are racking up miles on a coast-to-coast tour to win over remaining undecided voters and ensure everyone who is registered will go to the polls Nov. 7.

University has no plans to remove Napster ban

Despite Napster's agreement with the popular music company BMG Tuesday, IU has no immediate plans of relaxing its ban on the MP3-sharing program. Napster announced its settlement and a strategic alliance with Bertelsmann, owner of BMG, but University officials are unsure what ramifications the agreement will have on Napster as a company and of the possible lift of the ban on the program.

Cross country team enjoys ranking

When the men's cross country team set their goals for the season, they had no idea they would exceed all their expectations. Yesterday, coach Robert Chapman was named Big Ten Coach of the Year.

Cheerleader captain survives rare disease

Weightlifting, running, being captain of the cheerleading squad and attending cheerleading practices were all part of the norm in senior Todd Eager's life. He was in the best physical shape he had ever been in, but then unexpectedly, he was struck down in his prime last summer.

Property values key element of state campaign

Gov. Frank O'Bannon and Rep. David McIntosh, the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor, have sparred for months about plans to cut property taxes after property values are reassessed next year.

Report links man-made pollution to global warming

New evidence shows that man-made pollution has "contributed substantially" to global warming and that the earth is likely to get a lot hotter than previously predicted, concludes the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Hockey team has high hopes

Ask the hockey team's captains and first line who the team's rival is, and they'll give a more energetic, unified response than the Three Tenors could ever hope to achieve. "Miami."

Hoosiers end season 1-11

Through thick and thin, the field hockey team completed its first varsity season after 19 years of not fielding a team. But this season ended with a 1-11 record and suffered shutouts in all the losses, even though the team exceeded expectations.

West will dominate NBA

It's not that I don't like the NBA; I do, even though I think most of the league's players are overpaid, spoiled, egocentric babies. (But that's another topic altogether.) Maybe it's just that I'm not ready for a new season yet.

Passing could revive team

As the season progresses, the Hoosiers' offense continues to focus more on the rushing game. IU has had success doing so, averaging 257.6 yards per game on the ground, the eighth best rushing attack in the nation.

Team prepares for tourney

The women's tennis team ends its fall season with a trip to Michigan for the ITA/Rolex Midwest Championships this weekend. The tournament kicks off with qualifying rounds today and Friday, and main draws beginning Saturday. It is an individual event, so the team does not gain points.

Football coach remains patient

Many coaches in Cam Cameron's shoes would be frustrated by now. For three years, the football coach has witnessed his team lose too many close games in the final minutes. This season is no different, as three of the Hoosiers' five losses have been decided in the last minutes of the game. Saturday against Penn State, Cameron's team fell 27-24 on a field goal with less than one minute remaining.

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