Convicted killer Lee's protracted case

When the phone rang, Dana Jones was at his desk at the mission. The caller was from Indiana parole. “Do you take murderers?” the man asked, off-hand.“Yes,” Jones said. “We have before.”

Timeline of Robert E. Lee

A look at the events of Lee's incarceration and parole.


Lee convicted

A jury of seven men and five women found Robert E. Lee guilty Thursday night of the dismemberment murder of Ellen Marks.

Victim was reclusive, friends say

Shelter from the rain, clothes rescued from campus dumpsters and a life with few possessions were enough for former IU graduate student Ellen Sears Marks.

Slaying suspect's past reveals troubled youth

When a man has no anchor to his job or to others, his chance of turning to crime is great, says William Sharp, the retired Owen County judge who sentenced Robert E. Lee in 1981 to two years in prison.

Murderer Lee moved to Indianapolis parole district

The Indiana Violent and Sex Offender Registry, as recently as Tuesday afternoon, lists Robert E. Lee’s location as within the Indianapolis parole district.

Murderer Lee no longer in Jennings County

After residing in a house for nine days upon being released on parole, convicted murderer Robert E. Lee, 57, no longer resides at the initial address in Jennings County.

Convicted killer Lee incarcerated again

A warrant was served Tuesday for the arrest of convicted killer Robert E. Lee after he allegedly violated parole.

Murderer will not reside in Bloomington

Convicted murderer Robert E. Lee will no longer reside in Monroe County, an Indiana Department of Correction official said. Instead, Lee is currently in Jennings County.

Convicted murderer to be released in Bloomington

Convicted murderer Robert Evan Lee, 57, who was convicted 25 years ago for killing a 31-year-old woman, cutting her body into pieces and placing her remains in Hefty trash bags, will once again roam Bloomington streets Saturday.

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